Hypocrite :Delroy Chuck!

                                      I have repeatedly pointed out that Jamaica’s police force has for decades been given basket to carry water, they have been given an impossible task  and a mandate that is literally impossible to fulfill.

Jamaica is a small country with limited resources but many and varied challenges, as such I fully understand that there are going to be significant differences  with the quality of every thing from infrastructure to the delivery of services  when compared to developed, and even other developing countries. With that said, I do not know of any  objective Jamaican, or any observer in the know, who would argue that there have not been a systematic mishandling and rampant corruption in the way  resources are handled.   As a result, the country has slipped precipitously backward , while other countries with fewer resources and even more people have made significant progress toward improving the lives of their population. Government Agencies charged with the delivery of services  are a good place to start looking at how government have failed the people, from health to fire , from agriculture to labor, from education to youth and sports, however no agency have been exposed to public scrutiny and public ridicule as the Jamaica constabulary force has been. This Agency has been set up to fail by Governments of both political parties. Both Parties have systematically pulled the wool over the eyes of an  ever increasingly  gullible  public,  a public  that more and more seem incapable of thinking for itself . Politicians have used the police force as their personal valet service , while at the same time using it as a buffer to ward off criticism of their corruption and abject ineptitude as leaders. The public has been taught to hate police officers , which means hating the rule of law, politicians get rich, police officers get killed. There are corrupt politicians all over the world.  but Jamaica takes the cake when it comes to politicians that are filthy , dirty, and corrupt, most if not all are criminals parading  in suits as decent law-abiding citizens. Of course they get away with doing it because we started with a police force that was designed as  Night Watchmen, a force that was supposed to be a short pants wearing group from the peasantry that looks out for the interest of the rich and connected. To date there has not been a commissioner / Chief Constable with balls  that will stand up to a  politician and say” hell no I will enforce the laws , and if you do not like it I’ll  see you in court” Oh wait actually that may not be a good idea on second thought ! the court system is a liberal cesspool of anti police   operatives.

Just after he was elevated to the highest executive office in the country, The Jamaica  Gleaner was gracious in allowing   me to post an open letter to now disgraced Prime Minister Bruce Golding. In that letter I beseeched the new Prime Minister to avoid the temptations that goes with power , I implored him to be different , I begged him to be a new kind of leader , a new kind of Prime Minister that will not be just another Prime Minister, but the template by which future prime ministers would be judged . Golding did not heed my call and as result he is resigning in disgrace over his involvement in The Christopher Coke debacle, too little too late Orette Bruce Golding did not live up to the promise of his abilities, he failed to realize the paradigm shift in the way people communicate , he miscalculated on the amount of power invested in him, he gambled and he lost . A few days ago Delroy Chuch Golding’s new Minister of Justice launched a broadside against the police. Addressing Lay Magistrates and Justices of the peace Chuck at their quarterly meeting in Saint Andrew did not mince words in painting the police as the problem in Jamaica’s criminal Justice system.

Addressing the Lay Magistrates Association of Jamaica St Andrew Chapter’s quarterly meeting at the Medallion Hall Hotel in Kingston yesterday, the minister said Jamaica’s justice system was not serving the people of the country properly, and the sooner citizens accepted that this was the case and moved to address it, the better it would be for everyone.”Far too many of our young men are being picked up and locked away for no good reason, sometimes because of personal vendetta, personal spite or feelings,” stated Chuck.  these young men knew their rights, the Ministry of Justice would be more bankrupt than it is now, because so many of these cases could be prosecuted successfully.” Conceding that the police sometimes needed this particular process because of the heartlessness of some people in society, violent criminals and the difficulty in identifying persons (because they go by mainly aliases), he said that was one of the reasons the detention time was increased from 24 to 72 hours. While stating that the police needed more time to determine if the person they had in custody was actually the person they wanted, he, however, added that there was no right for them to arrest and detain anyone unless they had reasonable grounds. “Whether it is 24 or 72 hours, there must be reasonable grounds for arresting and detaining the individual. It cannot be an arbitrary arrest that ‘I have the right to arrest you for 72 hours’. That doesn’t exist,” he stated. The minister added, “When the police arrest and detain someone, that person has a right to hear from the police why he is being arrested and detained. And he can say to the police ‘If you fail to tell me why I am being arrested and detained I am going to prosecute you’. And if the police fail to tell him, then he has a prosecutable case in court.” Reading from the Jamaica Constabulary Force Act, section 50 (b) (f), the minister reiterated that he was speaking from a point of law. Failing the justice system Stating that far too many JPs just ‘sign off’ and were not doing their due diligence by insisting that the police convince them of the reason for the arrest, he told them that in doing so, “you have failed not only that man, but you have failed the justice system, because you have allowed injustice to be meted out to the ordinary citizens of this country.” Chuck also charged the lay magistrates and JPs that, at any point, if the police brought someone before them without a convincing reason for that person’s arrest and detention, then they should refuse to sign the document and advise the police to release the person, “and if he refuses to release the man, you let the commissioner or me know”. He told the JPs that he had obtained permission from the commissioner of police, Owen Ellington, to not only visit jail cells, but check log books for reasons why Jamaican citizens were incarcerated, and if no good reason was in the log book or if they were detained beyond the 72 hours, then they should insist that the individual be released. “If we can weed out some of this abuse of power, you would be surprised at how much better the young men in our community would respect the justice system,” stated the justice minister.anastasia.cunningham@gleanerjm.com

If we can weed out some of you filthy politicians do you realize just how much better our country will be? Who is the guy trying to impress with his dirty hands , I won’t even speak on Ellington , many  think this guy is actually a good chief constable, in my estimation he is a spineless yes-man.

What a hypocrite ! Was it the police who refused to sign the extradition order allowing Dudus to get his just due? or was it Bruce Golding who injected himself into what clearly was a judicial matter sandbagging, and obstructing all the way until public pressure forced him to capitulate. Did  Delroy Chuck take Golding to task for destroying the Justice system?  No Chuck did no such thing , conversely what he did was to join his  cronies in  rejecting  Goldings supposed letter of resignation in their smoke filled back room .The Justice system of which you speak was destroyed long ago and cops had very little to do with it , it was Lawyers like you and liberal judges who keep putting your criminal political cohorts back onto the streets, but most of all meddling dirty politicians like you who attend the funeral of common criminal dons that destroyed it.

Tell me Delroy Chuck  was it the Police who forced   you to have a tribute read on your behalf at the funeral of Andrew Phang Stephens of your North East Saint Andrew constituency ?Shot by Police no less ,  Is that the reason you have it out for our cops?  You should not have  clearance to enter  a public library, much less to talk about you are a minister of Justice,who do you think you are fooling?

Lets get things straight here, you politicians will not run Jamaica as your private playground any longer , we will stand up and we will call you out.  I am conversant of the uphill struggle in educating a population that have been schooled into beleiving in the green and orange, we will however continue to chip away at your lies , and we will expose you , you can count on it.

Your  Boss Bruce Golding once claimed if anyone messed with Laborites it would be bangarang, I chided Golding in a letter in the Gleaner, of course you took me to task about my patriotism and pointed to Portia’s reckless rhetoric, as if Portia is relevant , or that her perceived recklessness made Golding’s  recklessness legitimate. You Delroy Chuck accused me of being unpatriotic because I left Jamaica, then I challenged you, I asked you to tell me what was your contribution to nation building  compared to mine?   Like the coward you are, you slithered away not to heard from again.

Now election is coming, you are out talking about police abuse it’s time you morons be called to account . You present yourselves as pure , with clean hands to the illiterate masses of the people who are impressed with you , not all people are fooled by your disguises, . You, like Golding , and Portia and all the rest are simply opportunistic bastards who continue to pit poor Jamaican people against their brothers because too many are too stupid to see you for what you really are .  Only in Jamaica would any Justice Minister say those things about the police and not be kicked the hell out of office . You are a damn disgrace, and should follow your boss out the door.

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