I have long maintained, that most of the problems  real or perceived, inherent in the criminal justice system is centered around the liberalism of judges.

So called extra judicial killings,witnesses not appearing to testify, the killing of witnesses, citizens taking the laws into  their own hands,citizens not bothering to report crimes, all of the aforementioned ,has at their Genesis , Judges giving slap on the wrist.This police officer betrayed the trust placed in him.A trust that asked him to protect and serve the Jamaican people , he betrayed that trust in the most egregious , stomach turning manner. This Supreme court  Judge Horace Marsh had an opportunity to send a strong message and he failed. He failed the country , but his greatest failure is  to the arresting Officers, who had the character to bring one of their own to justice. He had an oppurtunity to send a strong message, saying once and for all, this will not be tolerated.

 He failed.

Sergeant Russel Robinson a middle manager within the JCF must have been aware of the image problems the force had . Over the years Police officers had dragged the name of the once proud Agency through the mud, subjecting the Agency to ridicule, primarily by  those whose character does not qualify them to criticize anyone. And others who have a vested interest in tearing down, and damagoging the agency .During my 10 year service I arrested  there cops and charged them with crimes.On each occasion the case was properly prepared,  all three were convicted  and eventually booted from the Constabulary. My position was always that we could not  be in the same agency.

Despite the foregone, neither of those officers I charged ,were involved in selling guns nor ammunition to criminals.This is one of the most egregious and reprehensible cases of police misconduct I have ever heard of ,9’540 rounds of ammunition, and 18 guns , this begs the question, how many guns and rounds of ammunition did Robinson sell? .How many people died because of those guns and ammunition, to include police officers.That is not the only issue here, the  guns  were supposed to be in the protective custody of the police. That by itself make my stomach turn. Police officers in the precinct of  the court allegedly voiced their disgust at the sentence handed down, I can imagine how they would feel from an  image stand-point , but I  assume those officers were also thinking  about all the cops that were killed over the years. Imagining that they could have fallen victim to those thousands of rounds of ammunition, and high-powered weapons Robinson put in the underworld.

Again let me be clear clear , Jamaica is not going to solve its terrorism  problem  if Judges continue to release criminals back onto the streets with  a slap on the wrists, Interest groups such as the criminal right Jamaicans for justice and trial lawyers have argued vehemently that judges must be allowed freedom to make judicial decisions based on the special circumstances of each case.They  argue that Politicians/Parliament  seeking to add guidelines is tantamount to meddling with the judiciary  an independent arm of Government.As a citizen of this planet I agree that Judges must be able to look at mitigating circumstances in each case and issue their judgement accordingly. What I disagree with is, that they should have no guidelines.  Race cars are allowed to go really fast, but they are still required to stay on the tracks, Airplanes have  wide open skies , but they have routes, Ships  traverse shipping lanes, despite the enormity of the Oceans .Judges must be given minimum guidelines.This removes the prospect of corruption.It removes the possibility of advocacy from the bench.And it puts criminals where they belong, in jail.Judges are not elected by the people, it falls on the people’s representatives, the Parliamentarians to in fact establish guidelines for them to follow. Disgusting criminal supporting  groups , and the rapacious vultures called criminal Lawyers have their own axe to grind , neither of which includes a safe peaceful, crime free society.

This is a perfect case for the overturn of the Judicial system. So that the Country can start afresh.

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