Super Committee !

The Super committee made up of Republicans and Democrats tasked with coming up with a compromise solution on the Nations debt crisis has come back stating that they have failed to find common ground. Was this a failure on their part or should Americans feel a sense of relief that these twelve congressional Representatives could not find a way forward? And by the way automatic spending cuts will take effect across the board in all  Government Departments. These Representatives have been at it for the past seven months and the American people has nothing to show for it . But is that a bad thing? for those on the right they will most likely see this as a victory , it keeps in tact their pledge to their conservative God Grover Norqusit never to raise taxes, such is the power of one man over  the other millions of Americans who voted them into office. Those on the left could also claim that this is a good thing for entitlement programs such as Medicare and Social security. One thing is clear once again as if we needed clarification, it is that those in Congress  cannot be trusted to act in the interest of the people who elected  them. The American people would be better served if they hired a firm of CEO’s to look after their business pay them a salary and fire them if they are not satisfied, clearly the monies spent on salaries and benefits for these 535 people are wasted, and would be better spent paying teachers , putting computers into class rooms and providing  health care for those who cannot afford it.

The super committee is a microcosm of what’s wrong with the American congress ,members on the right in particular are ideologically steeped in their commitments to special interest and lobbyists that they do not care about the interest of ordinary Americans. This coupled with their hatred for Barack Obama will prevent Democrats from getting anything done, even though they are willing to make concessions. Congressional approval is in the toilet but Republican  members are willing to take the associated risks to get their stated goal of making Obama  a one term president. We will have to wait to see what the verdict of the voters will be, we may very well see Republicans rewarded for sabotaging the economy in an effort to make the president look weak and ineffectual. After all they won the house in 2010 simply by being obstructionist.

Go figure..

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