On May 10th  the Spanish Town Police Station came under attack from terror elements within the society. This was not the first time that we have seen this occurrence, conversely this has become a trend , as it is in Mexico, and other near and failed states .As a matter of fact there is not even the batting of an eye when Police Stations are attacked and burned to the ground in Jamaica, these are the fruits of the seeds  sown over three  decades ,when some in the media told people to throw stones on Police Stations to satisfy their discontent. The stone throwers have graduated to AK-47 Rifles.

The Police reported that the Klansman Criminal Enterprise is raking in just under half a Billion Dollars annually. Through extortion and Murder for hire, this estimate may be understated, considering the strangle hold this terror Organization has on the Parish of St Catherine and Clarendon.

As is evidenced they have no respect for the rule of law and are hell-bent that if the Police dare challenge them they are prepared to declare war on the security Services.This Gang is affiliated with the Opposition People’s National Party .  The opposition Party in Jamaica that have been noticeable  absent  from the defense of the Jamaican people, whenever they are  required to stand with Jamaica and those who defend her. The have time and again chosen political expediency, populism and cheap pandering to the base instincts of the poorer class.

That act of betrayal was just one in a long line orchestrated by the PNP .On Friday the 22nd of July 2011 the People’s National Party members in the Senate voted en mass, with the  blessings of its national executive council , against the Government’s renewal of the Constabulary Force (Interim Provisions for Arrest and Detention) Act, 2010. a

The Government, on Friday, used its majority in the Senate to give law-enforcement officials the right to continue detaining criminal suspects for up to 72 hours without charge The party notes that the constitutional court, in its landmark decision handed down on July 15, 2011 in the Nation and Wrightcase, has stated that 24 hours was Parliament’s indication of the period which does not violate the requirement, in the former chapter III of the Constitution, for a detained person to be brought before the court without delay,” said a release from the PNP.The party said the equivalent provision in the Constitution’s new Charter of Rights requires detained persons to be brought before the court forthwith, or as soon as is reasonably practicable.In light of the reasoning of the court in the Nation and Wright case, the party considers it likely that the power for detention for up to 72 hours without consideration of bail is incompatible with the Charter of Rights, and cannot withstand judicial scrutiny.Meanwhile, National Security Minister Senator Dwight Nelson, who is also the leader of government business in the Upper House, justified the legislation as he argued that the security forces must be empowered with the support of the law to help reduce the scourge of criminality.Making reference to the beheading of three people in two incidents in Lauriston, St Catherine, Nelson told the Upper House last Friday that the extension of the interim provision was warranted.According to Nelson, it is a key piece of legislative provision that has strengthened the crime fighting capabilities of the Jamaica Constabulary Force and its auxiliaries.While pointing to the reduction of murders, since the start of this year, Nelson said over the one-year period when the law was in effect, the police arrested more persons.He noted a significant reduction in murders in the five historically troubled police divisions, and said the legislation had a direct impact on this development.Nelson criticised the Opposition, which on Tuesday, during the sitting of the House of Representatives, rejected the motion to extend the crime measure.Opposition Spokesman on National Security Peter Bunting said the legislation was not the reason for the reduction in crime.The Opposition has also questioned the legality of the legislation.But Nelson said the detention of a suspect without charge for up to 72 hours is constitutional, based on the advice of the attorney general, who received advice from the solicitor general.He cried shame on those who did not support the extension, saying it was tantamount to not supporting the security officials, many of whom “paid the ultimate price,” in crime fighting.(Jamaica gleaner July 26th 2011)

This leads us to ask some pertinent questions.(1) why is the PNP silent on the beheadings being carried out by its affiliate The klans man gang operating out of St. Catherine and Clarendon.?(2) The PNP must state publicly why it chooses to support terrorists over law enforcement officers and the rule of law. (3) Of the estimated half a billion dollars the gang rakes in from its illegal activities , what percentage if any, goes into funding candidates for the PNP’s electoral machinery.

The PNP argued that Jamaica’s security forces, who sacrifice at the peril of their lives could potentially abuse citizens rights if they were allowed a little more time ,to solidify the gains they made after routing Christopher Coke’s militia from his Tivoli redoubt. Jamaica’s people’s national party refused to support the work of the country’s hard-working men and women in uniform ,en mass as a party, by default throwing its support behind Jamaica’s terrorists networks. That action to my mind was the greatest act of betrayal and un Jamaican activity I have ever seen in my lifetime.

This must be a lesson to the Officers that provide security to members of the PNP in whatever capacity. Understand this, they do not care about you , they do not care if you live or die,.They care more about the marauding despots rampaging throughout the parishes of Clarendon and St Catherine beheading people. You must do your duty as a Police Officer and nothing more , and remember self-preservation ought to be paramount to you. The people for whom you risk your lives, do not respect you enough to vote to give you a leg up on the monsters that seek to destroy you. I know some of you are easy and licky licky, I implore you not to allow your bellies to dictate where common sense ought to lead, most of you are at least bright enough to get the job , use your intellect to figure out what’s going on .This Party is a criminal supporting party , as police officers you must understand what is happening around you ,.It is called local knowledge. The incidents of the pnp ‘s support for anarchy are well documented , I personally have no vendetta against them I am a patriot , and as a patriot I must stand against those whose actions are reckless, and destructive against Jamaica.

I support neither party ,  I support the rule of law and those tasked with enforcement of said laws, I will not flinch to seek to educate people on the lies and distortions that are being perpetuated on their behalf by those they trust and elect to protect them.a Government’s first responsibility to its’ people, is to protect them. That begins with the fundamental and universal right to life, There is no need for civil rights if you are dead.The terror tactics of Jamaica’s underworld. The same klans man gang  has started what appear to any trained intelligent person, to be a communicated trend .This trend is the gruesome act of decapitating their victims. As I have stated in another post, the reason could be three-fold.(1) To drive fear,(2) to send a message, or (3) they are running low on bullets.

Here is more proof of the wonderful work Jamaican Law makers are doing further protecting the rights of criminals.The Charter of Rights, unanimously passed in Parliament recently, states that: Any person who is arrested or detained shall be entitled to be tried within a reasonable time and (a) shall be (i) brought forthwith or as soon as is reasonably practicable before an officer authorised by law, or a court; and (ii) released either unconditionally or upon reasonable conditions to secure his attendance at the trial or at any other stage of the proceedings; or (b) if he is not released as mentioned in paragraph (a)(ii), shall be promptly brought before a court which may thereupon release him.(Jamaica gleaner)(Daily Gleaner July 26 ) THE GAVEL :captioned :unfair and unjust.In the quest to apprehend and punish criminals, the State ought not to legitimise breaching the constitution. We have always felt and we remain even more convinced that legislation such as the one renewed in Parliament last week, is counter-productive and will result in nothing more than the abuse of human rights by the police.(Jamaica daily gleaner).

I am informing the world that 20 persons have been murdered  in Jamaica since the start of this week.

Some of them decapitated.  While the entire leadership of this once beautiful country ,to include the entire opposition party, speaker of the house, public defender NGO’s that receive money from abroad, the lazy unprofessional media , church, all band together to make sure the rights of criminals are not violated.It is about time that the world is made aware that the entire campaign of’  (Jamaica no problem ) is a fraudulent facade , concealing a dirty underbelly of criminality that permeates the entire fault line of the Jamaican society.Visitors must understand they are not safe , the Police are hindered from doing their jobs, the rule of law in Jamaica is a myth. Jamaica is ruled by penny oligarchs who collectively maintain the status quo through a unified and comprehensive suppression of  police actions , utilizing all organs available ,to demonize the security forces. They  actively encourage outside agitators to come into Jamaica to  look for what they characterize as police excesses.

Many powerful families within the country are involved in serious criminal activities. They are untouchables ,as is evidenced by Christopher Coke’s power, connections, and clout , the authorities did nothing to put a stop to his criminal empire.There are many more like him operating under the radar , and nothing is being done about them. It took the brave actions of a police officer ,working in tandem with the Americans ,and  former minister of national security Peter Phillips, to put a stop to Coke’s presidency. Phillips bucked  the system and signed  a memorandum of understanding with the Americans that allowed for criminals phones to be tapped .Phillips did not have the confidence in his party ,which was the party in government  at the time, so he kept them in the dark.Not even the Prime Minister at the time, Portia Simpson Miller was in the loop about the memorandums.

This supports my argument about criminal support by the People’s National Party.It  speaks volumes about Peter Phillips confidence in his Prime minister.  The cabinet and  the members  of  his own  party to support the rule of law. Or worse, not to inform their criminal affiliates that they were potentially being listened to by the Americans.

Christopher Coke did not rise to prominence under the JLP.  The People’s  National  Party has approximately six garrisons for every one that is aligned to the Jamaica labor Party.It was, and still is, no mystery why the People’s National Party cannot support the police in their actions to uphold the laws. As I have stated, a large part of the Jamaican population benefits in some way from criminality, a recent corruption assessment  places Jamaica 87 on the corruption index for 2010, up  from 84  the previous year. But not a position we should be proud of .In the 2009 Corruption Perception Index Jamaica was ranked 99 out of 180 countries, a deterioration from the rating in the previous year when the country placed 84.

At every turn along the way we see the members of the Peoples’ National Party siding with whomever has a grouse with the rule of law, This is unprecedented , even  in Iraq and Afghanistan Politicians of all stripes argue for the rule of law, and give their support to those tasked with upholding it.

Jamaica’s Politicians are a unique bunch. This particular trait of not giving support to the agencies of law enforcement, is not confined to the PNP but for all intents and purposes  becomes amplified based on their actions.

One would reasonably conclude that after being in Opposition they would get. One would assume they would have a clue. That no country can progress or prosper without  the rule of law, established, and adhered to. Here’s Portia Simpson Miller in response to queries from an interviewer on (TVJ smile Jamaica june 3rd 2011)  what would you do as a matter of priority if you are elected Prime Minister of Jamaica , what would you address as a priority”? Simpson miller :I have several priorities and hence the progressive agenda, that lays down the various areas of concentration,certainly the growth and developement of the country,economic growth and developement,education , jobs,……..

Interviewer jumping in , with a view to helping her focus, But those are kinda broad, but what would you do to fix what you understand is a broken economy.? There are a number of areas that we … we can look on that will be able to create jobs , we look at what you mentioned earlier agriculture and the value added, you notice every year it’s now mango time, we eat what we can and the rest just fall on the ground and rot, .vegetables now when you see the farmers loosing their crops because they have no market,how is it we can get factories into a number of the parishes, that will process all of these things , and so that we can consume what we can and then others the rest of the world will share with us ,and I think agriculture is one in terms of agriculture and the value added.And I think urban and rural developement will also be a focus apart from looking at the whole question of energy , because I think that is critical in the country at this time, and looking at all the other areas certainly businesses, aahm small medium size , while not ignoring the big businesses, and continue to give them support, well we need to look at all those areas that will allow the economy to grow. We need to look seriously at the developement and planned developement of Jamaica , both rural and urban, we tend to look at the towns and the cities and we ignore the rural areas,and the deep rural areas , and I think that’s why we have the migration into ….so there are a number of areas that are well documented in the progressive agenda , and there are a number of persons that are looking at it and they are giving us some critical feedback and suggestions  that we are taking on board so we can have the launch, and then to have wider consultations , broader consultations , and all of that.

Whew !!!!

Simpson Miller then  jokingly chided the moderator for giving her too short a time.


Absent from the whole disjointed tortured ramble, was an understanding of what is the paramount impediment to Jamaica’s economic problems. crime and violence has stifled and stunted growth over the last four decades with the period of the eighties being a respite in between.How can someone gearing up to once again take the reins of leadership of a country , who doesn’t even understand the complex issues of the day, be expected to come up with, and execute a plan to address them?

The serious and urgent issue of Jamaica’s ever escalating crime problem, did not even make the list of her priorities. During  that whole inarticulate, incoherent ramble, not one mention was made about the serious issue of crime.If you can’t see it, how can you fix it.?

Our Country’s security can no longer  be a Political football, to be kicked around  by the two political parties , for their own gain. It is now time for both to come together, and not only denounce terrorism and crime, but through the legislative process make it bad business to be involved in the Crime business.

There is no shortage of big money Lawyers , who demand that terrorists taken off the streets , be charged or promptly released. This leads to the conclusion that there are people in high positions that have no interest in seeing the entrails of this monster eviscerated. I suggest that a similar statute to the American Rico Statute be enacted that will effectively remove this scourge,The time as come for those who identify with, are associated with, and are a part of Gangs, to be so linked and removed from society.This must be done despite the predictable howls from Defense Lawyers , and criminal supporting groups like Jamaicans fo justice ,when criminals are removed from the streets. There are more than enough special interest groups within Jamaica that advocates for Criminals and their way of Life, I would like to take this opportunity to advocate for Jamaica and Jamaicans who want a decent law-abiding way of life.

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