Race Baiting, Blame The Media, Typical Republican Strategy Lies And More Lies:

In the week that Republican Candidate Newt Gingrich is experiencing his second life in this campaign, and probably lucky  for him just before the South Carolina debates, his second wife Marianne told ABC news that Gingrich wanted her to have an open marriage, a proposal she was not particularly fond of. Gingrich has been married three times, he has been accused of infidelity and even have been said to have served one of his wives with divorce papers whilst she was sick in hospital.

Newt Gingrich:

It is rather interesting, the hypocrisy of Republicans and in particular those in South Carolina who cheered raucously when Gingrich launched into a sanctimonious attempt at faux outrage at CNN’s John King who had the audacity to open the debates by asking Gingrich about what his wife said about him. http://Youtube.com

                                          John King, USA

                                     King’s portrait courtesy of facebook.com

Newt Gingrich was at the tip of the spear seeking to sear President Clinton for having a sexual dalliance with a White House Intern during his time in office. It is rather hypocritical of Gingrich and the other members of that Congress who made a humongous deal about what President Clinton did, almost plunging the country into a constitutional crisis, yet the same people are quite willing to look away and make lame excuses  for what Gingrich is accused to have done to his previous wives, and the allegations made against him about infidelity. There is no shortage of lying hypocrites parading as christian evangelicals who are on television arguing that Gingrich’s serial infidelity as they are alleged, are subject to God’s grace and forgiveness, as of course they are. It is no wonder that these same people who speak about being christians, and espouse the foundational principles of forgiveness and grace did not have any forgiveness for President Clinton. These same people who talk about being christians and extol the sanctity of life, will defend an embryo, they will defend a sperm but they will not defend a black or colored baby. What Christ are they talking about, What God do they worship? Every election cycle the media continue the talking points of these people by calling them evangelical christian, is it any wonder that people are turned away from christianity and religion on a whole, when these are the faces of christianity.

Newt Gingrich was aware of the kind of people in that room in South Carolina, he was prepared for John King asking him that question, he had that answer irrespective of the time King asked him about allegations of his infidelity. Gingrich was equally aware of the kind of audience when he lambasted Juan Williams for daring to ask him about continually suggesting that poor minority kids should be janitors. He was equally aware when he allowed the woman at the campaign stop to compliment him for quote putting Juan Williams in his place..youtube.com.

As despicable as Gingrich’s racial posturing is, the other jokers competing for the Republican nomination are just as excited to release what seem to be pent-up racial animosity toward black people and president Obama in particular. Mitt Romney the media elevated front-runner would not be out done in his attempt to show his conservatism. Seeking to impress the crowd Romney tells debate crowd hungry for blood he would stuff attacks down president Obama’s throat. In the all out attempt to disrespect this president Gingrich told one man who said he wanted Gingrich to bloody President Obama’s nose to which Gingrich stated ‘I do not intend to bloody Barack Obama’s nose I intend to knock him out”.

This part gets my blood boiling because whether hypothetically or literally , neither of these two are capable of doing what they  profess to do to this black man so let’s get that out in the open, so both these jokers can stop with the nonsense. This election will be a knock down dragged out dirty one, President Obama will have to wage a campaign that exceeds the scope of the one he waged to win the presidency, if you thought Republicans were desperate in 2007 , they will be even more so in 2012 , they will use all the dirty tricks, lies, distortions and fabrications at their disposal, not only will he have to deal with whomever wins the republican nomination , he will have to deal with the incredibly wealthy, powerful people who want him gone so they can return to the days of no regulation and corporate welfare. They are capable and all too willing to put tens of millions of dollars into super pacs in an attempt to destroy this president and his record.

Two of the most powerful of the donors against Obama are the billionaire  Koch Brothers who are some of the filthy rich who are bank rolling Tea Party campaign against working people in this country.It’s time that ordinary people push back against these mega rich people who are disdainful of ordinary working people who consume their products in our homes daily without even realizing it.


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We have to take a stand, lets take advantage of the power of our money, they are taking advantage of the power of their money, let us start with these products and as we do our research let us hurt them where it matters most , in their pocket books, let’s tell them where to go with their products.