Jamaica Has No Interest In Law Enforcement:

Jamaica’s Daily Gleaner ran a story headlined: NO REST FOR INDECOM: in the Sunday February 12th publication. INDECOM of course is the most recent Agency that has been created to oversee allegations of police abuse and so-called extra judicial killings. Lets be clear-most major police departments have problems with abuse, bad apples within the ranks, whenever these abuses rear their heads it is imperative that they are rooted out. From my perspective I have no problem with oversight of  the police department, after all,  public employees must have oversight and accountability. The general concensus is if one has nothing to hide, then there is no reason to fear oversight.

A prominent constitutional lawyer in Jamaica challenged me sometime ago in an email, to write about extra-judical killings by police personnel in Jamaica, his inference being that as a former police officer I must have been a part of, or at a minimum been witness to instances of extra-judial killings by fellow officers. As insulting and arrogant as that hubris is, it forms a cornerstone of any conversation involving Jamaican law enforcement, wherever those conversations happen.

NO REST FOR (INDECOM) .(Jamaicagleaner.com)

This is the most laughable form of law enforcement imaginable .

Where is it ever written: NO REST FOR THE POLICE? The real police I might add!!!!

Reverend Gordon Evans, the commission’s director of complaints for the western region, told The Sunday Gleaner that the past month has offered no rest for INDECOM investigators covering the western parishes. “We have been kept busy, particularly over the last four weeks,” he said. The clergyman explained that his team has been called upon at least once and sometimes more than once in each of the last four weeks to investigate police killings and non-fatal shootings. “For this week (last week), we were called upon to investigate two cases. The triple killing and another shooting that wasn’t fatal,” said Evans. He added: “There tends to be a period where you get a spurt and then a lull.”

A Reverend in charge of an office that investigates police shootings. What’s next  police officers in charge of the Seminary? Does the political directorate realize the stupidity of these oversight bodies ? It never worked , and it will never work, the strategy must be to train, equip and pay a professional police force and do away with all of the fake and wanna be police departments . This kills morale in the real police force and forces police officers to close ranks in order to protect themselves. There is never going to be real cooperation between the two bodies and rightly so . Police officers risk their lives to protect they do not need Monday morning quarter backs coming in later to second guess them when they take action.

If (INDECOM) is a trusted entity which  the Jamaican people are prepared to work with, that they feel comfortable with , and they are prepared to open up to those investigators, then the problem of corruption and police excess is solved in Jamaica. Simply give (INDECOM) the guns and  uniforms, they are the police, problem solved:


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Of course if that is not a workable solution then the whole  investigative charade is a monumental fraud.

 A pastor in charge of investigating the investigators? How much more stupid can the policy makers be? There are some important facts Jamaicans will have to avail themselves to, not least of which is the reality that whomever they chose to call when they need help, be it  the traditional practioners we call police officers or the community enforcer called the “Don”-the desired result is the same. The function they provide is policing, the noun just happens to be “Police”, so it matters not who carries out the “verb”-the function is the same. What this means is that creating layers of police agencies to police other police agencies is an effort in futility; a drain on the already impoverished country’s very limited and in some cases non-existent resources.

Having a seperate agency traipsing around, sniffing at every scene of  police shooting, collecting statements and incriminating cops with fabricated evidence is not a function that will engender trust or cooperation, if this continues there are going to be serious consequences to both agencies and the country going forward. Police officers are not going to, and should not allow people who are asleep in the dead of night to give statements incriminating them ending their careers, sending them to prison, sending them into poverty, and destroying their lives and that of their families.

Jamaica’s Governments of both political parties have been systematic failures which have betrayed the scared trust of the people, leading them down wrong paths time and again, taking advantage of their trust and in some cases naivete’. And in the process setting up real servants of the people who truly sacrifice, pitting them against their brother in a dangerous game of exploitation.

It is time that the Jamaican people rise up, throw off the encumbering mantle of political affiliation, and recognize that the political leaders are all manipulative, lying, bastards who are enriching themselves at their expense with nary a thought for their interest. But then again how can they discard something that has now become part of their DNA?

After all is said and done there is no mention of the grave danger police officers face in dealing with some of the world’s most heavily armed, determined, blood-thirsty urban terrorists; the emphasis is as always focused on those who risk it all and pay with their lives.

This is a striking indictment on a reprobrate nation which embraces criminal punks over those sworn to protect and serve.