Treasonous criminal supporting group Jamaicans for justice, more commonly referred to as JFJ, has launched a broadside against the Jamaican police for taking out terrorists who engage them in shootouts with high-powered weapons


(Jamaica Gleaner photo)

The latest verbal assault against the police in support of Jamaica’s criminals was launched  by Susan Goffe today. In her speech at a press conference at their headquarters Goffe said quote: This is the largest loss of life at the hands of the State since the end of slavery.”  “This orgy of bloodletting by the police must end now.”

Goffe called on Police Commissioner Owen Ellington to immediately remove all police personnel involved in the most recent incidents from front line duties.”They must remain off front line duty until the courts have determined that they acted legally,”(

In what other country where the rule of law is paramount ,would this Charlatan even have the nerve to suggest that heroic law-enforcement officers be removed for taking out terrorists? These are some of the most deadly criminals armed with lethal high-powered weapons.  Anyone familiar with Jamaica knows they are not afraid to use them on anyone.

Crime has gone up significantly under this Government since it took office after the most recent elections of December 29th 2011. There is a general consensus on the streets that this government is one that is soft on crime. Criminals openly state that this is the government which allows them to “eat a food” (Eating a food is )colloquial vernacular that translates into being allowed to make money, irrespective of the illegality of the methodology.

Carolyn Gomes.

Goffe and Gomes parade as defenders of the oppressed, but they are not defenders of rights they have ended up being the biggest supporters of the most ruthless criminals running around slaughtering men, women and children all over the country.

Their campaign against law-enforcement has being bordering on aiding and abetting the most ruthless criminals operating in the country today.

There is a war going on, The security forces in Jamaica are not< let me re-emphasize NOT operating under normal policing procedures. There is an existential fight  going on with some of the world’s most blood thirsty urban terrorist. As such, any causally that accrues cannot be looked at within the context of normal policing. Of note, absent from the criminal supporting JFJ’s diatribe is any mention of the people being killed by their marauding friends. There is no mention of the guns removed from the battle field. Four in the west Kingston incident alone.  There is no mention of the lethality of the weapons ,to include the most feared weapon of all the AK47 rifle. This criminal supporting group must now be looked at for what it is . If the police was a competent police force they would and should be investigating this group for sedition and treason. Law abiding citizens will have to make a decision ,as to how long they will be willing to tolerate this criminal supporting group to exist within our country, funded and directed by overseas interests.

While the police are busy taking out criminal elements. The call of the criminal supporting group JFJ is not falling on deaf ears. Not wanting to be outdone the country’s national security minister Peter Bunting has ordered the commissioner of police Owen Ellington to review police operations.

(Peter Bunting Jamaica’s national security minister)(

As I pointed out to you in a recent post this is exactly what criminals incarcerated at the Horizon Remand center wanted. Recent flare-ups are designed to have members of the military removed from control over  high risk inmates incarcerated there. They have achieved the desired results, insofar as the inmates and their supporters are concerned. As I told you those members of the military would be removed, well they have been removed. This is a multi pronged approach  launched by criminals in prison, on the streets and the forces that intercede on their behalf. They know this government is a weak on enforcing the laws and they are not letting up. Recently Jamaican disc  jockey Adijah Palmer aka Vybes Kartel who is also incarcerated awaiting trial on multiple murder charges had a prominent member of the University of the West Indies(UWI) Carolyn Cooper arguing in the Daily Gleaner that Palmer who is charged with multiple cases of murder could not be so stupid to commit those murders. This despite the misogynistic garbage that Palmer puts out in the name of music, and her not having a shred of exculpatory evidence that would prove Palmer’s innocence on neither of the charges. Her entire theory is hinged on her premise that Palmer could not be that stupid. Carolyn Cooper lectures at the University!! See story here:(

The greatest threat to the Jamaican state is the weakness of the present government. This is a dangerously  feckless government that is still populated with the same people of the last PNP administration which lasted 18 1/2 years and turned out to be a colossal failure. During the aforementioned period the national security of our country was left hanging, mortgaged  out to those who fight for the most brutally murderous elements amongst us.  During this debacle, crime went up and businesses fled as they did in the 70’s. Every year under the past PNP Administration over 1600 Jamaicans were slaughtered.A new Government came into being and they were forced to release the security forces to do their jobs. As a result of the un shackling of the security forces crime went down 40% after Tivoli Gardens reannexation to Jamaica. In the three months since the PNP has been returned to power, crime has exploded to wit criminals feel energised and confident to once again take on the security forces, now claiming “this is PNP time“, this is the information coming from the streets.

As the prime minister attends galas thrown in her honor, and as she ingratiate herself into matters like cricket that she was not elected to fix, the country is once again being over-run by the most heartless criminals. Once again our country has a decision to make , the Jamaican people must, as other countries are doing, take their future into their own hands. Jamaicans must tell this government that if they do not unshackle the police they will take the laws into their own hands , and the government must live with the consequence.