The PNP’s Contribution, Divisiveness, Envy ,racial Animus…


Progress for whom ?
Over the years the People’s National Party has had Jamaicans fooled using catchy phrases and jingles.
Which leads us to ask just how stupid are Jamaicans really?
Michael Manley’s campaign against Edward Seaga was one of the most divisive campaigns waged in the history of our young Nation. In fact it could reasonably be argued that it was during Michael Manley’s divisive foray into Jamaican politics that the chasm which exist today developed.

Edward Seaga..

Edward Seaga..

Michael Manley waged a viscous and visceral campaign against the JLP’s  Edward  Seaga who was born on 28 May 1930, in Boston, Massachusetts, to Philip George Seaga and Erna (née Maxwell), Seaga’s parents returned to Jamaica with Edward when the boy was three months old. [wikipedia].
George Nooks a reggae singer and PNP supporter penned and made popular a song titled ‘my father born ya‘ which became the National anthem for the PNP in it’s racist campaign against Edward Seaga.
Never mind that Michael Manley’s grandfather  T.A.S. Manley was the son of a white Anglo-Saxon trader who migrated from Yorkshire England.

There was nothing in the Jamaican Constitution which precluded or barred Seaga from representational politics because of his American birth. Remember Seaga’s parents returned to their native Jamaica when their son was a mere three months old.
The Constitution appropriately bars a foreign national with allegiance to a foreign Country from holding political office in Jamaica.
This did not apply to Edward Seaga a Jamaica. Yet Michael Manley and his Party did not care they divided the country along party lines, racial lines and along economic lines.

Jamaica's coat of arms. Out of many one people.

Jamaica’s coat of arms.
Out of many one people.

Jamaica has always been a melting pot of different people of all different backgrounds. One of the defining characteristics of Jamaicans regardless of ethnicity , is our vehemence about our Jamaican-ness.
None of the uniqueness of our vehement Jamaican-ness  mattered to Michael Manley he was prepared to win at all cost.
Edward Phillip George Seaga was painted and depicted as an un-Jamaican interloper who should not be trusted.
Every negative connotation was attached to Seaga with a view to making him less Jamaican than the majority black African population, or not Jamaican at all.

The PNP disseminated lies and propaganda which claimed that Seaga was a tool of the Central Intelligence Agency . He was spoken of pejoratively as ‘Spyaga’, despite the fact that Seaga had invested more time and effort toward the development of Jamaica and it’s culture in ways Manley could only dream of .

The character assassination leveled against Bruce Golding and literally every other member of the JLP deserving or not, has always been the ‘modus operandi‘ of the People’s National Party.
When a party has nothing substantive to offer it creates diversions intended to inflame passions.

It is withing that context that we must assimilate this brouhaha surrounding Andrew Holness’s home. Recently I wrote that Jamaica is headed in the direction of the 70’s .

It was that very same spirit of envy which characterized Manley’s reign which Andrew Holness is being forced to address.
This notion that people who work hard , plan and succeed are wicked capitalists is still alive in Jamaica. The idea is that those who succeed  should give half of what they have to lazy people who look to Government for handouts, is alive and well. In fact they no longer want half they simply kill and take what they want.
Hence the murder statistics to a certain degree.
The idea of casting doubt on success, or that successful people derived what they have through less than honest means is reprehensible.
Either way the PNP is not the party to be pointing fingers.
It’s Integrity Commission a misnomer is in need of an integrity overall.

Now that Holness have revealed his sources of funding for his project, let see if Portia Simpson Miller Percival Patterson , Peter Phillips and others will divulge the source of their incredible wealth.
Either way it may not matter to an uneducated electorate whose interest is focused largely on the very next meal .
This is the legacy of the People’s National Party. This is the enduring and indelible stink this Party has  on embedded  in Jamaica.

2 thoughts on “The PNP’s Contribution, Divisiveness, Envy ,racial Animus…

  1. For years the PNP party always been a champion for this cancerous rhetoric of hating successful people. Honestly, I don’t know how people gravitate to those ideas, thinking, philosophies, and downright covetous behavior?

    The PNP government have nothing to offer its licky, licky, beggy, beggy, socialist constituents but Andrew Holness house? So, letting them hating the man’s family success is going to make their lives better? What utter madness and distraction!

    The PNP party is the party that envy others for their success, because if they were interested in making progress and people’s lives better. They could have used Andrew Holness as a hard working Jamaican who have been successful under their governance, because his new found wealth happen during their years of being the government of the day!

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