There are eerie similarities between The Republican Party in the United States  and the People’s National Party in Jamaica.
Republicans do what they want when they are in power, when Democrats are in power all of a sudden the rules of the game change.
The People’s National Party is the very same way.
Now this defy conventional wisdom the Republican Party was thought to be the conservative party much more like the Jamaica Labor Party.
Well not so there are some changes.

The Republicans fundamentally believe the Democrats does not have a right to Govern America . Every Democratic President since Franklin Delano Roosevelt has been demonized and their record marginalized.
The People’s National Party’s silly little mantra ‘jumeka a pnp kuntry’ depict a far more sinister philosophy that the country should be ruled by one party, the PNP.
Republicans demonize everyone not in lock-step with their xenophobic, Racist agenda.
People’s National Party functionaries from the pinnacle to the cellar believe in character assassination , intimidation , threats and cohersion as tools with which to fight dissenters.

Republicans believe only dead Republicans are worthy of praise when America’s history is being debated.
PNP tribal zealotry stridently denies Labor Party stalwarts while elevating the Manleys and other PNP ideologues to the status of deity.
Watching the Republican debates reveals an exercise in the silly and mundane. In fact one candidate refused to participate in the one debate because his ego was bruised.
The Prime Minister refuses to debate the leader of the Opposition unless he apologize for calling her a ‘con artist”.
Of course he was responding to her characterization of his economic plan as quote ‘a con game“. If his plan is a ” con-game” the noun, it is clear to assume that by inference she sees him as a con-artist the pronoun.

I could go on and on with the similarities but you get the picture. Both Political parties want no opposition and are not opposed to use lies and obfuscation to win elections.
Republicans want to suppress the vote , yet they claim they have better plans for the people. The question is “what people” . If a party is confident of what it is proposing why not put it all out there and let the people decide?
The PNP refuses to debate , if the progress is tun up why be afraid to debate the merits of the party’s accomplishments?

Anyway it’s the silly season once again in the big ole US of A and so too is it in little Jamaica. Here’s hoping voters will cut through the noise and the lies and vote their children’s futures.
In the end we get the Government we deserve. Whether we vote or not.