George Zimmerman is in custody. Not because law enforcement in Sanford Florida thought that his killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin warranted an arrest. He is in custody because of the righteous indignation of millions of people who decided we are not going to take being ignored anymore.

Through the troubles and travails of the civil rights struggle , brothers and sisters, black and white, jews and gentiles, yellow and brown man has marched with us , in our quest for respect and recognition. So too today people of all color came together to say this is unacceptable , we want answers why Trayvon Martin was killed and just ignored..

Decent people were outraged when a humble seamstress was arrested on a bus just because she chose to sit down. Decent people were outraged about Trayvon today as they did back then. This came to light because a young white man knew about the case and felt outrage, not because Trayvon was black and he is white but because a human being was killed under questionable circumstances and no one was being held accountable.

This was never about black and white, it still isn’t, it’s about wrong and right, . Blacks and whites , Latinos and Asians , Jews and others marched , blogged , signed petitions and did what they could, and as Sabrina and Tracey said all they wanted was an arrest. An arrest that would see the system play out, they wanted their day in court.

The parents of Trayvon Martin never sought vengeance, they never sought a lynching , all they asked for is that the fundamental decency afforded others be afforded their murdered son. That is not racism, that is not racial hatred that is called justice.

I don’t know whether George Zimmerman is a racist or not , seeing him in court today , I couldn’t help feeling sympathy for him. Trayvon Martin is gone never to return , but here is this young man going through life changing , life altering circumstances that will leave him scarred for life, whatever that life has in store for him.

Yet one cannot ignore the language of supporters of George Zimmerman, the language and the strategy they chose has left a bitter taste in the mouths of well-meaning people the world over. The Race baiting, hate mongers at FOX misinformation never grasped the concept that despite all of the noise, what really happened is that someone died.

How much hate do these people have for African-Americans that they would unanimously back someone blindly even though we are the aggrieved party. From that twirp Sean Hannity , to the bully Bill O’reilly to the loud mouth windbag Rush Limbaugh these miscreants jumped on the case blasting everyone from the president of the United States to the victim without the common human decency to show empathy to the family of the  deceased.

What kind of hate possesses these freaks of nature that they would devote their time in defense of someone who chased down and murdered someone in cold blood? As we struggle with trying to understand without parsing and rationalizing , bottom feeding crustaceans like Hannity , Limbaugh, O’Reilly and the other gifts to humanity at FOX make a racial spectacle out of this tragedy.


Bill O’reilly and Sean Hannity

Polls conduced after this tragedy became public revealed a wide chasm between the way blacks and whites viewed what happened , overwhelmingly African-Americans thought that Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin without justification, conversely white Americans overwhelmingly stated that they did not know enough to form an opinion. To some this may seem like a reasoned and sober way to look at things , but when you are a part of the population that has been the victim for centuries you don’t need anymore information to conclude that once again wrong has been done to us.

Like Ostriches many chose to bury their heads in the sand pretending that there is no problem of race in America. Some even ask “what more could you want we gave you your black president”? What nerve? Even some that share the same skin color as Trayvon, yet purport to share the same humanity with the rest of us fail to get the picture. One New England law professor assailed Reverend Sharpton and Jackson for the work they did bringing Trayvon’s case to the fore.

She castigated both gentlemen for daring to suggest that other black people wear hoodies, arguing that the hoodie feeds the stereotype of black men as hoodlums. She went on to say that she lives in a predominantly white neighbourhood and her two sons have been targeted and trailed by the police who wanted to know what they were doing in the neighborhood. The professor told how she raised her sons not to dress or act in certain ways that would feed the  stereotype others have of them.

Bob Marley famously said he was glad he was not educated or he would have been a total idiot. This professor is the personification of that quote from Marley. On that subject I rest my case. My wife believes that slavery has done such a terrible job on us , to the point that we believe we have to comport ourselves in a manner consistent with the fear driven norms others have imposed on us.

Irrespective of the outcome of this case Trayvon Martin will never return to his parents, neither will George Zimmerman be the same again. George Zimmerman a 28-year-old guy who seem to hate crime, so much so he wanted to be a cop, when that did not work out he opted to be a self-appointed neighborhood watch captain. He chose to profile and apprehend Trayvon Martin even though he was warned to back off. We are left to wonder what drove this young man who hated crime and wanted to be a cop, to himself run afoul of the laws when he committed a case of domestic violence, what caused him to commit two separate cases of assault on police officers , one with violence?

Are we to beleive that because he was not made to account in these cases we know about that he felt above the laws? Did he feel untouchable because he was the son of a former judge ? We don’t know the answers to these questions, whatever the truths. George Zimmerman felt entitled , he felt authorised, someone made him feel that way.

What drove  him to ignore the 911 operator who told him we don’t need you to follow him?These are the questions we must ask ourselves if we are to begin to understand what happened that night  which destroyed two lives  one way or the other and caused ripple effects through this country and the world the likes of which we haven’t seen in a long time.

The reaction of mister Zimmerman’s people was disrespectful and worthy of a hard pushback. Sending a letter to the NAACP telling them that if anything happened to Zimmerman blood would be on their hands and demanding they call off the dogs. The caustic  nature of this letter as well as statements made by his father and brother does nothing to help heal the wounds of the Martin family, or the simmering cauldron of racial animus bubbling just beneath the surface in the country.