Well over a month after the death of Senior Superintendent of Police Dathan (Duffy) Henry,the Jamaica constabulary force (JCF) has failed to tell the country what was the cause of his death.


The last thing we heard from the police was that they were awaiting the result of the toxicology  test with a view to determining whether Senior Superintendent Henry was indeed poisoned, as the street believe.

Senior Superintendent Dathan (Duffy) Henry

As I first blogged, I received word that SSP Henry died on or around May 6th, of this year, since then, rumours have been swirling that mister Henry was poisoned.

I have no evidence which would verify or disprove this rumor, but the police seem to believe that there may be something to it, or that he may have died other than a natural death due to the fact that the coroner ruled the cause of death inconclusive.

In the second blog I wrote on the death of my friend ,I also questioned the medical fraternity . I wondered whether that sector let Dathan Henry down by failing to diagnose his condition on the one hand, or failing to tell his family that they are unable to diagnose him professionally and advise them to get him the help he needed  in a timely and expeditious manner, which could  have produced a different result.

I also outlined some things the police could be doing as they await the lab reports. I went on to opine that the longer it took to nab a suspect in a crime, the more likely it is that no one will be held accountable for that crime.

I am  conversant that until the police receive the toxicology report they will argue that they are unable to commence a homicide investigation.

On this particular point I  humbly disagree, what if the toxicology report indicate there are no traces of toxins in his body , does that rule out poisoning as a cause of death?

The answer is NO!

Today there are numerous types of toxins and pharmactical drugs which are almost impossible to detect even in the most sophisticated crime labs in developed countries like the United States , Canada , and other developed countries.

As such ,the police must commence and conduct a vigorous homicide investigation irrespective of what the toxicology report says.

Too many Jamaicans have been murdered and no one held accountable for their deaths, sometimes due to absence of evidence, intimidation of witnesses, lack of investigative skills and or will, and a resignation to the fact that the person is already gone and so everyone moves on.

If we are to change the culture that is the norm in Jamaica, the police must do the necessary work to bring the killer/ killers of Dathan Henry to Justice if he was indeed murdered.

Where there is smoke there is fire, people on the streets are saying SSP Henry was murdered, it is up to the police to ensure that if this is true that his killer is brought to justice, even it means they have to arrest one of their own.