Thirty men all armed with high-powered weapons carried out the massacre in August Town Saint Andrew Jamaica last week-end:

Our country is once again awash in blood, many on the ground there are beginning to come around albeit late to the fact that what the security forces are up against is guerilla warfare.

At least one of the country’s newspaper The daily Gleaner captioned one of its articles [GUERILLA WARFARE], this speaks volumes about what is really happening in our country. On April 18th of this year I wrote a blog titled [JAMAICA A LEADERLESS NATION]. In that opinion piece I outlined that our country was essentially like a ship rudderless on the ocean, filled with people, with no captain on deck.,

As blood runs, the country’s Prime Minister is not only clueless, she is woefully bereft of any idea what to do. Unfortunately for those who voted for Portia Simpson Miller and those who didn’t , her game plan and her idea of leadership is to be in power, that’s it. Subsequently as Rome burns, the Empress  continues to glide around the carribean and the world attending functions and receiving gratuitous awards in the nakedness of her new clothes.

Jamaica gleaner photo

I have spent many days and nights as a member of the Rangers Squad, in the Wareika Hills overlooking East Kingston. I have spent countless nights and days facing down heavily armed urban terrorists in ever garrison within our country, I have spent an entire week in the Montpelier Mountains of western Jamaica in the quest to apprehend and prevent drugs and weapons smuggling into our country, no real food other than army rations, no drink other than brackish water, and no shelter from the rain, heat, mosquitos and other pests. And then there are the armed drug and gun runners.

As a member of the CIB I have put many drug dealers in Jail only to see them walk out after a few months, I have assisted and personally removed guns from the streets ,getting shot in the process. I have received valuable information from members of the public which has saved lives , recovered weapons and prevented hard drugs from getting distributed into our communities.

As the security forces continue to do the heavy lifting, shortcomings and all , the Jamaican people continue to be prisoners in their own homes and in their communities as dangerous blood-thirsty demons run their communities using intimidation,murder and mayhem.


Here are three of the accused men as publicized by the police from left to right Michael Morgan alias Frisky, Dilton Foster alias Dil, and Owen Whitley alias Howie.(Photographs courtesy of the Jamaica Gleaner)

Thus far we have no evidence whether these men are guilty or not , but the police have provided these portraits naming them as men of interest in the massacre of the four over the weekend.

Inner city communities all over our country continue to feed the monster of crime and terror with complicit silence, the long-established culture of  informer fi dead” has given life to a generation of blood-thirsty rabid killers who are hell-bent on having it their way. This rabid blood-lust did not occur in a vacuum, it germinated on the fertilized bed of acquiescence and was allowed to metastasize on the blatant and overt support it received from criminal rights organizations , operating as legitimate human rights organizations in our country.

Unfortunately for our country , our police officers are fighting this scourge with the same tactics it used 20 years ago when I was still a serving member, for the most part reactive.

As more and more  innocent , defenseless citizens are slaughtered the silence is deafening from the frothing mouth liberal charlatans at the criminal rights surrogacy group (Jamaicans for justice).


Pictured from left to right is Earl Witter public defender, executive director of JFJ Carolyn Gomes and Susan Goffe also of JFJ.

These are three of the prominent Jamaicans who on a daily basis give unmitigated support to murderers, they wage and maintain a blistering campaign against the security forces, the result of which we are seeing in the gruesome mass slaughter happening in communities all over our country. They have stridently argued that in order for the killing of criminals to be justified an equal amount of police officers must also be killed.

They are all dubiously silent when innocent Jamaicans are murdered in the sanctity of their own homes. What happen to the human rights of the innocent, are those not killed by police without rights? 

The deafening silence comes from the fact that those faces above are of people scared shitless of the marauding murderers who are destroying our beautiful country. They only come out of the wood-work when police kill the scum, that is how they remain relevant, that is how they secure foreign funding.

The acts of home-grown terrorism seen today are nothing new, this have been going on for decades, Jamaica’s criminal under-world has been waging this kind of warfare against innocent defenseless citizens for as long as I can remember.  Those cops standing there are a buffer between the community and the terrorists, for years I was one of those cops who stood there in places like Brook Avenue in Duhaney Park standing between the killers who use the vantage point of the higher terrain to determine when to strike.

We stood there facing down killers with no bullet proof vest and only the vehicle we drove as cover. We did it in Nannyville and Back-to, In places like Olympic villa and a plethora of other communities ravaged by crime which is fed by silence.


 Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller.

Ask the clueless Prime Minister what she plan on doing about the terrorism gripping the country and she will probably tell you to ask the PNP. That seem to be the only answer she is intellectually capable of giving to every question.

Our country is in for a rough time with no end in sight and no leadership on this and many more issues, God help the good people who did not ask or vote for this.