Is the opposition to President Barack Obama purely racial?

  Why are Republicans vehemently opposed to everything that Obama proposes or try to get done? Is it purely racial politics at play ? Is it that they want a scenario where Obama’s one term, [their stated goal,] would be a colossal failure, which would deter voters from ever trusting the nation to a non-white, ever again ?

Is this issue that simplistic, or is there something else at play here ? Noticeably, every Government program which offers help to society’s most vulnerable are seen as un-American by the right.

They want to gut Social Security, they want to make Medicaid a voucher program, they want to cut the Food Stamp Program drastically. They want to drastically pull the safety net from the dispossessed in their blue-print, the Ryan Budget. The reality is that most economists who have studied the Ryan budget have categorically stated that it does nothing to reduce the deficit , it does nothing to reduce the national debt, conversely it will add substantially to both.

Well of course the Ryan budget will add to the deficit and the debt, it is loaded with give-aways to the very rich who need no help. Essentially the Ryan budget is a doubling down on trickle-down economics which by its content, believes if you give enough to the extremely rich some will fall from their table to the rest of us. Many  law-makers are themselves wealthy people who have less and less in common with the communities they serve. In actuality most law-makers do not serve the people who elected them to office, they serve the interest of the corporations who fund their campaigns.

If Republicans are serious about deficit and debt why are they opposed to a restructuring of the Pentagon’s budget ? Does anyone seriously believe that there is not a lot of serious savings that can be derived from a complete restructuring of the Pentagon’s budget? How can anyone seriously argue for more military spending at the expense of feeding the poor?

During the Clinton Presidency Republicans in the Congress pushed for Welfare reform, of course there were very few people who did not feel there needed to be action on welfare as we knew it, a good idea, which had gotten woefully out of hand. That program which was created with the best of intentions had become a way of life for many who decided they were better off receiving welfare than actually getting up and going out to work.

This angered many people and correctly so, I was one of those angry persons,  the welfare system was seen as a drain on the country resources, however there was a perception that the system was broken because lazy black people were benefitting from the work of  other hard-working Americans. Of course when the final statistics were analyzed, all the T”s crossed and all the I’s dotted, the painful truth became known to many who thought otherwise, the largest beneficiaries were not lazy blacks but middle-aged white women.


If this is as true as I think it is, does that mean that it is not racial ? I would argue that it is indeed racial, every aspect of Republican politics in this country has a degree of racism. During the primaries Newt Gingrich called the president quote the “food stamp president” despite the fact more people were on food stamps under President Bush despite better economic conditions before the crash. Paul Ryan’s budget is much about decimating programs geared to helping the poor as it is at paying off the rich.

Mitt Romney went before the (NAACP) gave a generic speech then went to his low information friends and disrespected us by saying quote,” if they want free stuff they can vote for the other guy” I was unaware that the desire to have free stuff was a uniquely African-American trait.

 These are dog whistles aimed at the most racist dubm-asses within the Republican fringe, those who believe the president is a Muslim, an Arab, a Socialist, a Kenyan, a European Socialist, and everything else they can throw at him hoping something will stick.

The impertinent former Governor of New Hampshire , Cuban-born John Sununu stated that he wishes the president would learn how to be an American. Sununu’s boss Mitt Romney, makes it his business to state that President Obama is somehow foreign at every campaign stop, that the president does not believe in American exceptionalism, whatever that means? This  follows in the theme their party has used for the duration of Obama’s term, labelling him “other, not one of us, meaning “them“, the right-wing turds.