Gaff prone Republican presumptive nominee for president Mitt Romney has so far ran a campaign of loathsome lies against Barack Obama,which is unprecedented in our lifetime.

Yet despite the lies ,misinformation and blatant distortions,Romney cannot seem to close the deal with his own party, much less so-called independents.

 Forgive me  for the slight Independents, I just don’t buy the baloney you guys sell, I think you all know who you are going to vote for despite claiming that you are independents, I just believe you are a group of people who will change your votes based on who offers you what you want to hear.

I may be out on a limb here, but help me out Independents, do explain to me how you could possibly vote republican if you are a person who believes that every person should have a shot at life, that the taxes commandeered from us, is better spent on health-care, education,  helping the old and indigent, than on waging wars on countries far less able than us to defend themselves?

Conversely my Independent friends, how can you vote democratic if you believe in tiny government that allows the poor to fend for themselves or die from hunger, if you believe that women should carry a baby to full-term, even if she was violently raped,if you believe that health care should be made into a voucher program which covers some illnesses and when it runs out , well tough the patient is out of luck, if you believe that the super rich should be given even more money even though they do not need it, how could you vote democratic?

You see my so-called Independent friends, you are really not independent you are just cowardly unprincipled people who are willing to sell your votes to the highest bidder.

Glad I got that off my chest.

Ok so we know that most Republicans are liars.

We know they will do anything to gain power, we saw that in Bush V Gore that principles be damned, win at all cost even if it means stopping the vote count to get the result they wanted.

We know that there are racists everywhere, most racists now have sanctuary in the Republican party.

There a lot of other things we know and have seen in this party which has lurched drastically to the right after the election of Barack Obama, so much so that it is now perched precariously on the precipice of irrelevance.

What is it that frightened them you ask? “are you kidding”?Many whites ran to that party from as far back as the 60’s after the signing of the  Civil Rights Act into Law by President Linden Johnson. Many people now find it ridiculous that some people could argue that the rights they have and take for granted were somehow unique to them and their kind and off-limits to others.

Whether one agrees with same-sex union or not, it behoves all of us to look at their cause in parallel prism, as we see our racial problems.

As I have argued previously in other blogs, some whites who have never been exposed to other cultures have very parochial views regarding others, whether on the issue of race , religion, sexual orientation or any other defining characteristic, their views are limited to their State, or in some cases their county.

Many people in parts of this great mass of land have never left the county in which they were born and neither have they allowed their minds to wander to other parts of  America ,much less another country. It in not inconceivable then to understand how some with evil intent would prey on these people alluding to and stoking their fears born from the parents of ignorance, fear and  parochialism.

The Republican Party is now the engine of  fear, ignorance, racial intolerance, and hatred, lies, and demagoguery. The Republican Party is destined to become a regional party of white people if they continue on this course they are on. It is impossible to see how their direction can be sustained in light of the fact that they have alienated Blacks, Hispanics, with the exception of the Cubans in Miami, Gays and Lesbians,most Jews, Asians, Muslims, women, and the list goes on. With minorities now making up the majority in America, and the Hispanic population growing at a rapid rate it boggles the mind to understand their strategy.

Is the strategy to purge voters lists as we have seen in Florida Pennsylvania, and other states? Does the strategy include mass-deportation of black and brown people, including children born in America to un-documented residents? Does the strategy include other legislation which will further disenfranchise some people from voting as we have seen with the taking away of rights of people who had some problems with the law even though they have paid their debt to society?

Just recently Governor Duval Patrick of Massachuset sent back a bill to the Legislature that would arbitrarily remove any discretion from a trial Judge if an offender has three strikes, irrespective of the offence committed by said offender. This legislation is of course as you guessed it the brain child of Republicans in the Massachuset Legislature. Patrick sent the bill back demanding changes which will give Judges discretion to make decisions of mitigation depending on the case. Some have stridently argued that removing the arbitrary 3 strikes clause from the Bill has defeated the purpose, and don’t be surprised to learn that those comments have come from at least one Democrat in the Massachuset Legislature.

Despite  mounting  evidence that 3 strikes laws do more harm than good, in states like California and New York, Republicans in the state of Massachuset are prepared to go ahead and institute draconian laws that are sure to have serious negative consequences on the lives of poor people who are unable to afford high-priced competent legal representation.

Legislators may change the Bill, or they may send it back to him for his signature, in which case he may sign or veto it, upon which the legislature will seek to over-ride his veto.

These it seem are the strategies Republicans have decided to employ going forward, let see how long they will get away with it.



As Republicans employ strategies designed to steal the upcoming general elections, their standard bearer took a trip overseas to burnish his non-existent foreign policy credentials.

Mitt Romney went to England and insulted the Brits even as they staged the 30th Olympiad in the so-called modern era. But before we get to his British debacle, one of his campaign operatives crowed that “Romney will have a good trip ,as both he and the Brits share an Anglo-Saxon heritage” .

You cannot make these things up, Romney’s campaign in the year 2012 believes that an understanding is guaranteed because people have a shared blood-line, this is the belief of the Romney campaign, dumb , racist ignorant but we will come back to the dumb racist ignoramuses.

So Romney goes to England and did not take questions from the American Press corps,but was still able to make a jack-ass of himself, (no disrespect to Jack-asses)

Being the pompous ego-maniac he is, he couldn’t contain himself when asked by NBC’s Brian Williams how he felt about the preparations so far regarding the Olympics, eager to show his business bona fides Romney jumped head first telling Williams that there were a few things that were disconcerting to him, detailing immigration officers on strike , insufficient security Guards and other issues,  he went into a litany of what he thought was wrong.

Romney wasn’t answering the question as a potential president of the United States , he is forever stuck as the head honcho of Bain Capital, and the guy who ran the Salt Lake City Olympics,and he would be damned if he wasn’t going to show how superior his skills were. The only problem is, he forgot he was in another country.

So he ended up getting impaled in Britain by London’s Mayor,who refered to him as “This guy Romney”, British Prime Minister David Cameron a Conservative with whom Romney should have had a love fest, stated publicly that England was putting on the Olympics in a major world Metropolis, which is different from staging the event in  “never-where” , an apparent slight, in reference to Salt Lake City. The British Media was not going to let this guy off the hook either, one publication blared the headline, MITT the TWITT , another asked “who invited Romney the party pooper”?

So like everything he had done before  by the next day Romney was in damage control, walking back his comments, explaining that everything would be fine, the more he kissed up the uglier the situation became. I cannot stand the guy, but I had pity for him , he showed himself to be an absolute fool. Conservative icon Charles Krauthammer stated emphatically that he had run out of adjectives, he was mystified, it was incomprehensible he lamented “all this guy had to do is say nothing”.

Romney wasn’t done embarrassing himself , which is cool with me, but the potential harm he has done to the United States on this trip is serious and no laughing matter. After meeting with the Palestinian president he tried to kiss up to Jews in Israel including Casino magnate Sheldon Alderson who is hell-bent on buying the elections for republicans.

“You notice a stark difference in economic vitality” between Israel and the Palestinians, Romney said, proceeding to badly flub the economic output numbers on both sides. “And as I come here and I look out over this city and consider the accomplishments of the people of this nation, I recognize the power of at least culture and a few other things,” he said, citing an innovative business climate and the Jewish history of thriving in difficult circumstances).(The Seattle

Saeb Erekat, a senior Palestinian official, said Romney’s comments are hurting U.S. efforts to restore Washington’s standing in the Muslim and Arab world.

“There are 57 Muslim and Arab countries here, and while U.S. diplomats are exerting every possible effort to explain their position, here comes Romney, with no knowledge of the region, its history and culture, and gives such statements, which will only serve as ammunition in the hands of extremists in this region,” Erekat said.The Seattle

Can you imagine the level of vitriolic bile laden attacks which would have been thrown at Barack Obama had he done a tenth of the damage Romney has done when he took a similar trip in 2008? What makes Romneys flubs even more disgusting and infuriating are the continuous lies he tells about Obama apologising for America, as if apologising is a bad thing, had the president done so.

He lies that the president does not understand American exceptionalism, code word for (superiority over others). It is that racist, ignorant, arrogance which caused him to make the statements he did in Israel.

He works himself into a lather , frothing at the mouth as he lies about Obama’s record, yet he refuses to release his tax records, he refuses to tell voters that he indeed has money in tax shelters in the Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Switzerland nad God knows where else , yet he has the nerve to question the president’s commitment to America.

This is a guy who find no person objectionable as long as they give him monetary or other support, Donald  Trump among the many, no comment is deemed to be offensive by this guy, he has no scruples, no soul , he has no moral character, many argue that he is a good family man, I would humbly  ask what makes a man good if he is only good to his own family? Where is the benevolence of Romney other than to the Mormon Church? This guy is like water, no shape , no character, he say and does anything to get what he wants . He takes the shape of whatever circumstance he is in.

These are the characteristics of a potentially dangerous person who can easily be manipulated.

This kind of person is easily manipulated, easily used, hence we see the neo-cons have started drawing closer to his campaign, Don Senor, Dick Chaney and others who led this country into two wars and almost financial ruination are back around the Romney campaign.

Can Mitt Romney be trusted with the Nuclear codes ????????????