Fruits Of My Labor:

On July 22nd I wrote a blog, encouraging you my friends, to utilize  unused lands and spaces to produce food to supplement the budget and change the way we eat. I uploaded some photographs of produce reaped from my 1x 3 yard  garden.

In the pictures there are zucchini , tomatoes, peppers, and lettuce. My family had already benefitted from green peppers, another type of lettuce( red leaf), hot peppers , callalo, and we have been able to bless a friend of ours  with some of our bounty My furry friend pictured below however, was not happy with me as I decided that I wouldn’t allow him/her to enter my farm and single-handedly eat all my crops , he did get to enter once after that I clamped down . There is plenty of stuff that he eats that I do not eat so we agreed to disagree.

Until next time I hope you enjoy your gardening as much as I have, ……….oh , oh, I almost forgot I saw my first watermelon  yesterday, I am so excited, anyway bye for now.



2 thoughts on “Fruits Of My Labor:

  1. mike, you are a better writer than farmer…stick to writing. been trying to contact you but no joy.

  2. Jer I don’t know man, I saw your tomatoes , and no disrespect but, do you think you will ever get one tomato to show the wife for all the space you took in her back-yard ? they seem to be growing like bamboos, I will come over and show you how to do farming bro. I sometimes forget you are from kingston.

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