I haven’t written a blog on any issue in Jamaica recently.Truthfully I am simply exasperated at times, at some of the things which occur and the responses of the leadership and the people to them.

The recent killing of a pregnant woman and the shooting of another in a single incident involving the Police, in Yallhas St. Thomas are tragic indeed, any loss of life is a tragedy and must be seen as such, news  reports as usual, detail the sequence of events comprehensively  from one perspective, that of so-called eyewitnesses at the scene.

The deceased woman is never going to be able to tell her story, so we will have to rely on the accounts of the officer and the injured woman. As is to be expected the Police Officer is guilty of a crime in the minds of everyone except maybe some of his colleagues.

I have provided a link for you , this was indeed a tragedy, however:http://jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20120904/lead/lead6.html

Fifty-three-year-old Naomi McCloud, mother of pregnant 27-year-old Kay-Ann Lamont who was controversially killed by a policeman on Saturday in Yallahs Square, St Thomas. - Rudolph Brown/Photographer Gleaner photo:

As I have said in many blogs over the last 21 years since I left law enforcement, if we would just stop resisting arrest, stop fighting with police, even if we believe we are being arrested unlawfully we should never fight an officer.

On the other hand there must have been another way for the officer to deal with the offender, and yes she was an offender, other officers standing around should be fired in the public’s interest, they should have stepped in and completed the arrest, helping the other officer which would have prevented all of this from happening.

Jamaican Cops work under tremendous stress, they have no support from the people, neither do they have support from Government, many of whose members are criminals themselves.

Based on the fact that the woman was in an advanced stage of pregnancy and there are no reports of weapons, there can be no justification for the use of lethal force on the part of the officer.

This does not absolve anyone , including the deceased and her sisters from obeying the laws. All of the hue and cry may be legitimate, however the officer was enforcing the law.

If we do not agree with a law or we believe that certain laws have become obsolete or archaic we must lobby our political representatives to have them removed. Fighting police Officers who enforce them are counter productive and downright dangerous.

There are no legitimate reasons for anyone fighting a police officer,much less being involved in a kerfuffle which sees the officer being thrown to the ground.

What was the tipping point which saw the officer making that fateful decision of life and death?

Having said that, the real tragedy here, at least from this vantage point, is that the other Officers did not intervene to effect this arrest, or to walk that woman away forcefully so that she would not end up fighting an officer which resulted in her death.

As a people we are predisposed to attacking the messenger, we spend a tremendous amount of time tearing down those among us who have divergent views from those we share or support. We go out of our way to demean opinions we are not in agreement with rather than try to learn from them.

Also in the Jamaican news is a statement attributed to Robert Mugabe President of Zimbabwe: In that article Mugabe is reported to have charged men in his country to shun the influence of Jamaican men as they are drunken, marijuana smokers: quote:“Mugabe branded Jamaica as “a country of marijuana smokers, where women are now taking charge since men are always sloshed (drunk),” while also stating, “In Jamaica, they have freedom to smoke mbanje, varume vanogara vakadhakwa (men are always drunk) and universities are full of women…The men want to sing and do not go to colleges vamwe vanobva vamonwa musoro (some are dreadlocked). Let us not go there.”http://www.examiner.com/article/jamaican-reggae-artistes-politicians-irked-by-mugabe-s-statement

Prominent Reggae artiste, Sizzla Kalonji insists that while believe Robert Mugabe's comments were out of place, he was not insulted by the Zimbabwean president'sassertions about his island.  Examiner photo:

Whether we like what Mugabe said,yes or no, it serves no useful purpose to denigrate, or demonize him, it will be a difficult case to make against mister Mugabe anyway, Jamaica once bestowed a national honor on him.

Two lessons here, be more careful who you give National Honors to , and rather than demonize mister Mugabe, it behooves all Jamaican men to do some serious introspection, there are a lot of truths in his statements.

We don’t have to like the messenger to appreciate the message.