This medium will henceforth be taking a more proactive approach in speaking out against the present crime situation in our country Jamaica.
As a part of that approach, we will be taking a series of actions which include but is not confined to naming and shaming certain individuals and entities on the Island which pretend to support the greater good but which are contributing to the present climate of crime and lawlessness.




The Office of Public Defender is a cynical example of big government gone out of control.
It represents a clear indication that there are people running our government who shouldn’t be.
To begin with,  Jamaica’s policy makers lack vision, are woefully unexposed and subsequently ill-equipped to formulate policy.

The office of the Director of Public Prosecution is the public defender’s office.
Additionally, there is an Attorney General’s Department and a Justice Ministry.

The creation of a Public Defender’s Office was an uninformed misguided decision which should never have left the drawing board.
If we set aside the fact that the office is a wasteful duplication of efforts, An ill-advised addition to the muddled and incompetent government bureaucracy, we begin to see how that budgetary set aside could have gone toward improving the Chief Prosecutors office and the general system of justice overall.

This could be done by (a) creating additional space for the DPP, (b) Hiring more and better prosecutors,(c) Hiring more Judges to hear cases at the circuit level (d) getting rid of the stupid Michaelmas, Hilary and Easter sessions which guide the circuit courts and place judges in courts to hear cases all year round.

The resources could have gone toward building 21st century Police Stations, training detectives, paying officers better and giving them better tools to do their jobs.
Instead of shoring up and adding to the existing justice infrastructure they instead opted to enlarge the over-bloated dysfunctional bureaucracy.

Below is a synopsized mission statement of the Public Defender’s office.

I am not making this up, this is their own mission statement, with the exception of the last three lines which promises to provide attorneys fees to aggrieved parties to pursue constitutional remedies in court this mission statement could easily have come from the Police or the DPP.
So why was this new office created and why was it empowered to become an antagonist against the police department?


Why was Arlen Harrison Henry placed in this job?
The Public Defender’s Office was not sold to the Jamaican people as another police watchdog agency yet the former head Earl Witter was an anti police troll and the present head Arlene Harrison Henry has steadfastly established herself as an anti-police antagonist.


In fact, Harrison Henry had a history before being given this job.
♦ Chairman of the Independent Jamaican Council for Human Rights.
♦Member – Police Civilian Oversight Authority.
♦Member of the Police Service Commission.
Why are people like this allowed to sit on the police service commission when they are vehemently opposed to the police?


People who have made careers of being against the police should never be allowed to sit on sensitive commissions and boards which are responsible for national security.
It is these reprehensible kinds of actions which are causing the lack of will to formulate good effective crime policy.
We cannot continue to put the lions into the sheep’s pen and expect the lion to look after the sheep.
Why do we continue to place anti police people anywhere near law enforcement commissions simply because they have a law degree?

It makes no natural sense unless the goal is to turn the country into a Sub-Saharan wasteland which it is fast becoming.
On that basis, Arlene Harrison Henry public Defender has earned the distinction as a member of the shameful hall of fame of anti -police demagogues wrecking our country.