Despite all of the failings of the Police high command as a unit for effective policing in Jamaica, the present wave of murder and mayhem cannot be laid at the feet of the police alone.
Neither will the throwing of Commissioner of Police George Quallo under the bus suffice to distract from the frightening number of 1600 plus dead Jamaicans last year.

Andrew Holness came to the Job of Prime Minister determined to micro-manage crime in a way which I can only characterize as ,in an “up by elitist Mona kind way”.
You all remember when Bruce Golding said that his Government would not be dictated to by Mona, in reference to the US embassy?
Well, I’m not talking about that Mona, I’m actually talking about the “Intellectual ghetto” as per Mutty Perkins.

Andrew Holness had ample time to look at what the country needed before he was elected and took on the job of Prime Minister.  Holness is young, educated and is supposed to be smart.
Having listened to Holness’s utterances since he assumed executive leadership of the country has caused me much dismay, he has me questioning whether he fully understands how a modern society works.

There are a couple of things which seem to elude Andrew Holness despite what I conclude is a genuine desire on his part to bring prosperity to the Island.
There can be no prosperity in an atmosphere of murder and other crimes.
#1 At best a country can have but marginal success compared to what it could normally accomplish if the specter of murder and terrorism is removed, even given the best of conditions in the wider world.

#2 Bad mouthing the police by aligning with Terrence Williams of INDECOM and the Media elites like Cliff Hughes and others who make a living from telling lies and opining about police failings is not exactly the prescription for having a security force which wants to work for you.
Each and every politician must understand, the difference between campaigning and the complexities of governing.
Andrew Holness still haven’t yet learned that lesson.

In speech after speech, Andrew Holness told his audiences that the police would not be allowed to kick in doors and kill people under his administration.
The problem with that shameless bit of pandering is that that is the work that police do when criminals do not want to surrender to being arrested.
It is dirty, it is harsh, it is not pretty to see but that is what happens when criminals decide to try to kill cops.
[I am not in any way justifying situations in which officers betray their oaths and take innocent lives or take lives when they did not have to]

A Bad Law And Power In The Hands Of A Narcissist Driving Astronomical Murder Statistics In Jamaica….

Based on his unequivocal support for the crime enhancement INDECOM Act and his bad mouthing of policing methods which did not comport with the dictates of the elitist cabal of uptown, Holness all but guaranteed a police work slow down.
As I asked in an article awhile back. why would Jamaican police risk their freedom and their lives for a country which does not value their sacrifice?

The logical conclusion is that in the same way the average Jamaicans does not understand how living in a country of law enhances their lives Andrew Holness, Peter Phillips and all who follow them do not understand that concept either.

Sadly their ignorance and incompetence are causing the death of hundreds if not thousands of people each year.
Our country is at war , it requires soldiers to fight that war. The Prime Minister’s stance will only cause more deaths not end them.