There is much to be said about the disparity between African-American and White Evangelicals and their response to Donald Trump.
Persons paying attention can prattle off a litany of these disparities between the two groups.
We understand that Franklin Graham’s views differ from that of his father the late Reverend Billy Graham, at least in public.

We also understand that Pat Robertson’s hypocrisy is astounding as it relates to Barack and Michelle Obama and Donald Trump. In instance, after instance, there is more than ample evidence that even in the supposed body of Christ Race is a significant factor.
The simple fact is that all of the disparities come down to one word “Race“.

At some point in time, the African-American community must decide whether it is being served with the voices of these heretics elevated to speak on its behalf?

At the risk of piling on, I have to ask whether or not the mainstream media is doing this nation a tremendous disservice by highlighting certain Members of the Black Clergy in the age of Trump.

Darrel Scott

The challenge for members of the African-American community is how to disassociate itself from apostates like Mark Burns and Darrel Scott. This at a time when the media continue to give these heretics a platform to speak on behalf of a system and an occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue whose values are antithetical to their values.