Can you imagine how much better Jamaica would be if the country spent the requisite resources going after murderous criminals as it spends going after errant cops who may have stepped over the line?

No one should be comfortable with a cop who betrays his oath. But as I have written several times before, it is simplistic and rather hypocritical to pretend that shit flows upstream.
It begins with that cup of coffee, that offer of a drink on a really blistering 96-degree day and it culminates in sweeter and more substantial gifts and the resultant expectation of something in return.

Young officers know as soon as they leave the Academy what senior colleague is on the take and they damn sure know which Superintendent is getting an envelope to look the other way.
Duties are designed around those envelopes, young officers are transferred as a result, and people behave in a manner toward the junior officers on the street based on their relationships with senior officers

It is ridiculous to expect to pay off the superintendent then lambaste the constable who accepts a cold soda while on patrol.
I am not making the case for corruption, I am merely stating an inconvenient truth.


The sad reality is that the less influential the person who errs against the law the more likely he will be seriously punished.
It is safe to assume that Mohamed Ben  Mohammad bin Salman  is not ever going to face a court of law and be held responsible for the death of  Jamal  Jamal Khashoggi

In the same vein as the barely literate constable Collis [Chucky] Brown makes a spectacle of himself and the once noble organization he has brought ill repute to no one above him m will even be forced to defend Brown’s accusations in a court of law.

Rest assured that as Brown was spilling his guts to Hamish Campbell they never sought once to read his [Miranda rights]!
It is safe to conclude that if Hamish Campbell told the barely literate Brown that he “had a right to remain silent, that he had the right to an attorney, and that anything he said would be used against him in a court of law”, as dumb as Brown is we would not be talking about this today.

If Chucky Brown was driving around shooting and killing gunmen that would not cause me to lose any sleep let me be clear.
Nevertheless, we cannot become them in order to combat them.
The truth is that all of the forces which ought to line up against criminality on the Island are arrayed against the rule of law.

The truth of the matter is that the political class the judicial class the business class and everyone in between, the Island is awash in corruption and as a result, there is no real effort to squash this cancerous bug called violent crime once and for all.
Whether the pathetic Brown is telling the truth or not is immaterial at this point. What he told Hamish Campbell at INDECOM is exactly what Campbell, Terrence Williams and those who hate the police wanted to hear. So no one would have warned him of the grave danger he was placing himself in by spilling his guts without a lawyer or a guarantee of immunity.

Whatever Chuck Brown expected, be it that he was going to receive immunity without a guarantee, makes the case that the hapless Brown was way over his head the moment he met with INDECOM and was even further over his head when he allowed himself to be conned into giving a statement, essentially making a deal with the devil.

If Chucky Brown was driving around shooting other criminals he will get his just desert, no question the courts will throw the book at him, he will never see the light of day again.
And why not? Throwing Brown in prison and throwing away the keys will be a tremendous distraction from the fact that INDECOM is not only a failure and a drag on the Jamaican taxpayers, but it will also mask the fact that the much-revered courts get to continue enjoying the presumption that it is above board.

Between the lax laws, political interference and the courts at all levels running interference on behalf of criminals it is no wonder that some cops would think just shooting the motherfuckers would be an appropriate remedy.
But police officers cannot allow themselves to indulge in the same cesspool the criminals are mired in. When we do we become them and that helps no one.

The JCF has one of the highest attrition rates of any police department I know of. There is a reason for that, the sense of not accomplishing anything, and a recognition of the barriers to law enforcement becomes clear once you are in.
Hence the mad scramble for the door. Chucky Brown may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but he was clearly not blunt enough that he didn’t know what he was doing and so he has to face the music.
He could have walked away!