THE CONSTABLES (DISTRICT) ACT [Date of Commencement: 16th May, 1899]

Appointment of district constables

 (1) The Commissioner of Police may, with the sanction of the Governor-General, appoint in any parish, such number of persons as he may think necessary, being householders resident in such parish, to be district constables, whose power and authority under this Act shall extend to all parts of the Island.

Day in day out we talk in this medium about things which are unhealthy to our nation being taken for granted and everyone simply falls in line.
This sense of apathy, or ignorance of best practices allows those holding the reins of political power to continue to push the bounds of normalcy and decency.
In the above paragraph highlighted in blue, I cited part of the District Constable Act as documented in [].
The purpose of this is to look at the authority under which the person acting as Commissioner of Police may appoint District Constables with the sanction of the Governor-General.

Which brings me to the point of this Article.
A simmering cauldron of anger and resentment is brewing at the actions of the Commissioner of Police Antony Anderson.
Anderson who hails from the JDF, was brought in to be Commissioner of Police after a stint as the first National Security Adviser to the Prime Minister.
Anderson brought with him his driver, a Jamaica Defense Sergeant, we have been reliably informed that Anderson appointed that driver a District Constable.

Now so far there is nothing untoward that a former member of the JDF would want to join the JCF, albeit in an auxiliary role.
It has certainly happened before. In other cases, former members of the JDF has applied and entered the JCF, underwent the training and became full-fledged members of the JCF and has served with distinction.
Now, remember that the reasons given to the Jamaican public for the continued appointment of former heads of the JDF to head the JCF are that the Senior Corps of the JCF has been tainted and a new approach is needed.
Of course, if you join the JDF as an officer and spend your career not interacting with criminals it is expected that you will be seen as pristine and above board.
Before the knack on the JCF was that they were dumb and uneducated, that cannot be used anymore, so they go to the default corruption option to appoint their friends to these positions of power.

Force orders March 7th, 2019
Tucked away on page [13]
The Governor-General, acting on the advice of the Police Service Commission, has approved the appointment of Mr. Joel Hamilton to the rank of Assistant Superintendent with effect from 2019-01-19.

Tucked away on page 13 of the 45-page circular was the aforementioned. You may be wondering what is strange about it?
Okay, I need you to concentrate here. This Mr. Joel Hamilton who is so neatly tucked away on page 13 without much fanfare, where it could easily slip by without any notice or commotion is the very same JDF driver Antony Anderson brought over to the JCF and made him a District Constable.
That same Joel Hamilton is now an Assistant Superintendent of Police.
I know that you thought this supposed modernization of the JCF would once and for all eschew the Owen Ellington era of blatant and crass nepotism.
No, it has not stopped, it is simply being done in a manner which benefits a different set of people.
Those of us who served in the JCF know that the average joe on the street is more enamored with members of the JDF and with good reason.
It is not unique to Jamaica it is a world-wide thing, soldiers do not generally haul criminals off to jail, what’s not to love?
And so Antony Anderson, like Hardley Lewin and Trevor McMillan before him came to the JCF as outsiders because the powers who run the country and their friends in high society convinced the larger populace that there is no one suitable or qualified enough to head the JCF.
Never mind that these are people who largely have come up through the ranks and have earned graduate degrees.
The fact of the matter is that Anderson is no different than Owen Ellington, or any other Commissioner of Police has ever been.
Someone once said, ” the true test of a man is to give power to him and watch how he conducts himself”. If ever this was an appropriate quote, this incident personifies it.
The really disheartening thing here is that I see justifications used from time to time to shut down disquiet over brazen instances of nepotism like this one.”Oh he brings special skills.
Law enforcement Agencies hire people as consultants all the time. In fact, while I was at the Academy Mister Branford taught English but Mister Baranford was never given a police Rank.
There is absoloutely no justification for giving Rank to a civillian employee in a police department which is structured as a pyramid.
It kills morale, demotivates and create rancor.
This is wrong no matter how it is spun.

From what we learned this man brings nothing to the JCF which is not already there.
Unless of course being a driver now requires some special skill. Of course, they will lie to you that he brings all kinds of different talents to the JCF.
The truth is it will be a lie.
The people above 35 -years old who have been serving in the JCF are not likely to ever be promoted above where they are at the moment. The supposed modernization of the JCF will eventually see those who have worked but are above the age of 35-years old discarded as collateral damage.
Unfortunately, the quality of service offered to the public by the JCF will not improve regardless of the monetary expenditure, because the fundamental tenets of fairness, decency and best practices are missing.
Like the now-defunct Air Jamaica, the JCF is being used as a means to place friends and family in positions of power.
It looks different but it’s the same old eat-a-food for those in power.

4 thoughts on “Former JDF Sergeant And Driver To Antony Anderson A District Constable, Promoted To Ass/Supt, In JCF…….

  1. What can I say about this appointment: It’s an insult to the men and women of the Jamaican Constabulary Force, and if they don’t unite against these people they will be destroyed, more demoralized, and denigrate by them.

    As a former member myself, I’ve been begging the younger member to migrate and leave the Jamaican Constabulary Force and let the politicians and their friends provide security for the populace.

    The greatest insult of all to an institution fit for patriots, dedicated crime fighters, and poor peoples children are stacked with soldiers and fitting the direction of a dictator!

    The current crime minister St. Andrew Holiness have shown his disdain, disrespect, and belittling members of the Jamaican Constabulary Force by putting two USURPERS in the organization: Commissioner of Police Major Antony Anderson and now his driver.

    There is no way this could happen in any other country in the world! Only the most corrupt state in Caribbean Jamaica where the self covert dictator govern.

    I have been beating the drum for the young members to migrate and leave the Jamaican Constabulary Force, but they’re blind, deaf, and dumb by allowing these people to use them, then dispose of them like a waste product. There is no future serving an institution that the top job is out of your reach. Leave before it gets worse!

  2. You know it sah, you hit the nail on the head, top cop to highest in cpl exam in area and done sgt exam 2 times ,N.A.P.P exam before 5 yrs service and still corporal after 10yrs . I did the honourable thing. Leave. Last soldier was a mad farmer drive pure old vehicle . Work on sea and turn commish , tell u about jlp worst than pnp, pnp no better a rass. No politics here no p.

  3. Well said my brother as a former member of fifteen years,I have seen this happen all the time,the men and woman who are in ranks always look out for their friends or yes man as we call them or their woman friends who is eating under the table in supa or Cornish office,some time you wondering what did I do,you have so much and little or nothing in return not even the salary.I joined at a very young age,trained at Echo village and one of the biggest regret I have is that i didnt resign and migrated from i accomplish the ten years mark,then the talk about corruption if your on patrol and a friend give you a gift or something they chastise you when the biggest corruption is the big men in the offices,I can testify I was there.

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