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If you decide to be a Doctor you have to get the necessary education as stipulated by law, you also have to satisfy State certification requirements.

This a very rigorous and arduous task  which requires years of hard work ,determination and sacrifice.This is true of literally all other disciplines. There is  formal training, there are in many case, probationary on the job training, which requires step by step monitoring. It just doesn’t stop there, there are stipulations in law which requires Operating insurance, and a plethora of bureaucratic Federal, State, and County Regulations.

All of these hurdles created by, you guessed it, Politicians but have you ever thought about what is required of the politicians who lord over you? Seriously, other than their mammoth egos and narcissistic sense of self-importance there is really no other requirement except just getting elected.

Insofar as that is concerned  it becomes even more galling that a populist, the class clown who barely squeezed through, but possesses the gift of gab and populism are generally the people who make life and death decisions for the rest of us.

Republicans have contributed greatly to the way the general public feels about Politicians, Congress’ approval is somewhere around 11%, make no mistake about it, this negative perception is as a result of the brain-dead Republicans in that body over the last 4 years.

Republicans blame Obama for being a partisan who doesn’t want to work with them, of course this is the best of the names they have for Obama. So Obama names Chuck Hagel a Republican from Nebraska to replace Panetta at Defense.

Republicans are now filibustering Hagel the President’s choice. This is unprecedented as only two other Cabinet choices have ever been denied confirmation in this country’s history.

The irony is that Harry Reid The Democratic leader in the Senate could have changed the filibuster rules and he failed to do so, some said out of fear that when the tables are turned he would not have that tool as an option. Of course the venomous snakes must have been laughing at him when he failed to put an end to the filibuster as constituted , they knew exactly that  they would continue to jam the President’s agenda by continuing to abuse the filibuster option.

There is no such thing as a reasonable Republican those have long been purged from the party, the list is long,Charlie Crist, Colin Powell, Chuck Hagel, Dick Lugar, Arlen Specter(now deceased) as well as others on the lower  rungs of the ladder. Others like John McCain once thought to be moderates have lunged with great alacrity to the right to head off primary challenges on their right flank..

In the case of John  McCain the irony is even more pronounced, McCain fancied himself a maverick, a man of conviction, a man who stood on the principles of his convictions, it is the same McCain who is leading the charge against Hagel for standing on the principles of his convictions.

It was John McCain only a few years ago who said that Chuck Hagel would make a fine Secretary of State, of course this was when McCain was seeking the Presidency. So what has changed ? Well Chuck Hagel wants to be Secretary of Defense for Barack Obama and that is a disqualifier.

Lost in all of this is the fact that Chuck Hagel is a Republican, yes in case you thought the President’s choice was a Democrat, he is not, he is a former two-term Republican Senator from the red State of Nebraska.

So let’s examine what has transpired so far that could possibly cause Republicans in the Senate to be so hell-bent on derailing Chuck Hagel’s bid to be Secretary of Defense. before we do that however, let’s take a look at the lead band of Republican pontificaters in the Senate

.john mcain.  lindsay grahamted cruz   kelly ayote



John McCain     Lindsay Graham   Ted Cruz        Kelly Ayotte

John McCain, Lindsay Graham, and Former Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman were a group of what many thought were a trio of independent thinkers in the Senate, it turned out that they were mere opportunists. With Lieberman out, they have recruited Kelly Ayotte the freshman Senator from New Hampshire to put a more sympathetic face on their shenanigans.

The fact is Ayotte is just another hack in the vein of Sarah Palin, maybe a little more educated. While we are on the subject, I challenge    the continued hog-wash being perpetuated in the media that women are better consensus builders, better negotiators for the common good.

The entire notion that women are so much better at governance is literally domiciled in feminist utopia. There are less women in positions of power and authority, as such instances of abuse of power, and authority would naturally be amplified on the part of men.

Have you ever been pulled over by a female cop? many women attest to the fact that they much rather having a male boss. My point is that the entire raft of women in the Republican Party are all bitter partisans like their male counterparts.

John McCain Lindsay Graham and the new agitator Kelly Ayotte all conspired to torpedo the possible nomination of Susan Rice to be Secretary of State. Ayotte being dragged along had no idea why she was against Susan Rice, not that the others could articulate a reason they opposed Rice’s potential nomination either. So much for females doing the right thing.

McCain who has spent his entire adult life being elevated to God-status because of his former POW status has no compunction about leading the charge against Chuck Hagel who earned two purple hearts and still has shrapnel embedded in his body from his gallantry in Vietnam.

Even more galling is Ted Cruz line of questions to Hagel suggesting that Hagel may have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars from North Korea, of course Cruz has no facts to bear out his outlandish claims yet he did it anyway.

This miscreant never served a day in any of branch of the military, but seem to crave the role of present day Joe McCarthy.

Some argue as McCain alluded, that Republicans are extracting their pound of flesh from Hagel for his stance on Bush and the Iraq war. Whats interesting is that Chuck Hagel opposed the illegitimate Cheney /Bush war of choice, he was right, they were wrong. Hagel understands and argues for the Judicious use of America’s Military power, he has the wounds to show, he’s entitled.

On issue after issue Hagel has been right when his party has been in the wrong. Hagel went to the Middle East with candidate Obama, they are friends. Both Obama and Hagel agree on the need for a smaller, leaner, smarter military, with less duplication and bloat, they do not plan on waging ill-advised wars.

That is at the heart of the John McCain led war on Chuck Hagel. Neo-cons wants to have America engaged in never ending wars, thats how their super wealthy puppet masters make money. Corporations which manufacture weapons needs to make money by supplying weapons the military does not need but which the poor taxpayers are forced to pay for to keep them filthy rich.

That is at the heart of mister bomb, bomb, bomb Iran McCain’s war on Obama and Hagel, plus that old man is a great bearer of grudge, he will not just go away after a loss, he stays and make a nuisance of himself, he did it to George Bush the last President from his own party, he is doing it to Obama, and no one will call out McCain on it.

At what time does the fact that McCain’s protective cover as a former prisoner of war become obsolete, how much longer will he abuse others while he himself is insulated from righteous rebuttal and just confrontation?

John McCain is not the only person ever captured in  war, many other Americans have served , many paid the ultimate price in defense of America, many endured more than McCain, many returned to segregation , to be spat on, ridiculed, and forced to the colored drinking fountains and the back of the bus.

Many returned to be billy clubbed by uniformed thugs with badges, many returned to be tethered to pick-up trucks and dragged, ending up decapitated by vile bigots. Many returned to despair, degradation,denial, deprivation, and humiliation.

What makes McCain any different than any other soldier who fought and bled or paid the ultimate price for country? What is the reason so many fall over themselves to be deferential to a man who abuses others, by virtue of his own knowledge of that seeming infinite well of good-will and deference?

What is happening is a damn shame, Republicans are ruining the country from opposition, oblivious to  the will of the voters who spoke in no uncertain terms regarding the direction they wanted for the country. Republicans are determined that the will of the majority be damned, they will wreck the economy as they have harmed the country’s credit rating.

This seem laughable to the rest of the world that Americans could allow this to prevail even after an election where voters made their choice clear. Clearly rules which allows a single Senator to grandstand by holding up any President’s nominee needs changing.

Republicans have decided that they will run the country from the minority, they have decided that the only bills which will become law are the bills which gives them 100% of what they want.

On that basis the results of the elections are worth nothing.