Portia Simpson Miller Prime Minister and Richard Azan Jnr.Minister Works.

It’s rather difficult to be nice when it comes to Jamaica’s Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller. It’s not just that she is ignorant, she is also very arrogant. That witches brew is a combustible and dangerous mix in the wrong hands. Miller has maintained that she is awaiting the result of investigations in the matter of alleged corruption involving Richard Azan, Junior Minister in the Ministry of Works. Allegations are that Azan in his capacity as member of Parliament for North West Clarendon abused his authority, contrary to what he is legally empowered, to give per­mis­sion for a private­ con­trac­tor to build shops on lands inside the refurbished Spalding’s Market, without the approval of the local authority that owned the property. That’s not all, according to published reports , despite saying that he did nothing wrong the monies collected from the stalls were being paid to Azan’s constituency office. This  is not hearsay, Azan and the Administration has now contended that the monies have been handed over to the Parish Council, once the story broke.

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Part of the new Spaldings Market in the Parish of Clarendon.

So by inference irrespective of the crime one commits, restitution absolves one of criminal culpability. The corrupt morally bankrupt Administration of Miller is a stain on the history of Jamaica, yet she is convinced that despite the thievery and destruction of our country she has made a positive contribution to Jamaica. Recently she was approached by journalists who were not afraid to ask her questions, she took umbrage and lied that a microphone actually hit her in the mouth, this was later proven to be a bald-faced lie. In her address at that event later Miller pontificates about her decades of public service, as if somehow it insulates her from whatever harm her and the administration inflicts on the country. Maybe a microphone should in fact have struck her in the mouth, we would probably have gotten some truth from her lying lips. I would rather disagree with miller on the value of her public service.

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The Coronation Market in Kingston, Jamaica”s capital. Digicel image.

The truth is that other than her personal enrichment and grandiosity,the only thing her service has wrought is to make the entire country like her constituency of South West St. Andrew. That is public service Jamaica could certainly do without.  I would humbly suggest to the esteemed Prime Minister that she does not have to bear the frustration of having to answer to pesky journalists and tax-payers, simply refuse to give anymore of herself to the nation and leave. 

Surely Miller feels she is above being questioned on any issue, irrespective of the nature or magnitude of the controversy surrounding her and her party, readers familiar with Jamaica and it’s problems are aware of the long litany of corruption and graft which are assigned to this party and administration. Yet Miller is stuck in a Monarchistic time warp, seemingly believing that she rules by decree. Or does she. I have always marveled that so many educated people could be fooled by one half baked idiot!