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If a building is structurally unsound the thing to do is to shore it up as best you can, get the engineers in to do an assessment, then get to the task of solidifying the structural imperfections of
that building.
That’s common sense right?
Then why do you believe the United States Supreme Court did exactly the opposite of that common sense principle?

Tampering with the Voting rights act!
What the Supreme court did in ravaging the 1965 voting rights act was exactly the opposite of what is common sense.
They took out a fundamental piece of the act which makes sure that the federal government has oversight of states which has had a history of voter suppression.
What they did was effectively said to the dysfunctional Tea-Party controlled congress , ” You go ahead and fix voting rights, but in the meantime we will just go ahead and remove the effective
protections which have been in place for the past 48 years “.


Members of the Supreme Court
It is important to note that neither Shelby county nor the State of Alabama has shown how the federal supervision of their activities has affected them negatively.
This must then lead to the conclusion that the desire is to suppress the vote.
The United States Supreme Court did not do this in a vacuum. This right-wing court, led by John Roberts knows exactly where it wants to take the country. Roberts has been on a path to erasing voting rights
since he served as a young lawyer in the Reagan Administration.
As I wrote a few days ago the court knew exactly what it was doing when it eviscerated the voting rights act just a day before it tore down the foundations of what most of us understood marriage  to mean. It was a callous and reprehensible act of bigotry aimed at subjugating people of color back to the trenches of racial disenfranchisement.

They were patently aware that their ruling eviscerating The defense of marriage Act,would completely overshadow their callous and craven act of the previous day.

Many states which had voter suppression laws in the works are now running to ensure that they are immidealty instituted. Nothing stands between them and their wish to make sure that black people cannot vote.
In States like Florida, black and brown voters were forced to stand in line an average of 20 minutes longer than whites to exercise the same franchise. Many states cut the amount of days that preceded voting day, these early voting days allowed people living in heavily populated areas the opportunity to vote.
Common sense right?
So we look at who lives in these areas of high population density. The answer is blacks and Latinos. They have also limited or eliminated election day registration of voters. Most galling they have eliminated Sunday voting in some states, this is the most brazen attempt aimed at African-Americans who used Sunday voting, coining the term “souls to the polls”
Former president Bill Clinton said the attempts he saw at voter suppression the last national cycle was the worse he had witnessed..

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Georgia Rep: John Lewis.

African-Americans will have to fight the fights that were fought 50 years ago because they stopped the fight, they believed the battles they won was the war. Looking at Georgia Congressman John Lewis brought tears to my eyes, as I watched him talk about the road he  traveled.

African-Americans sat on their behinds and pretended that all was well.  Not getting educated, pants sagging, dope selling Ebonics slanging, children after children out of wedlock, refusing to read and avail themselves to what is happening in their own country.

When you let others decide for you, they decide for themselves, that’s exactly what they did. Are we to repeat the beatings John Lewis took, what about Medger Evers, Martin King, and Malcolm X ? Where will we find these men to sacrifice once again? What about Emit Till, and all  the Martyrs that who gave themselves to the cause, where will Black America source these heroes once again?

A people who so quickly forgot what they went through was condemned to find itself right back there, The next generation if educated are too sold out and if not, are far too stupid. We have a problem.





  1. The first ½ white/1/2 black president to date hasn’t commented that much about the ruling, because he has reached the mountain top that others suffered at the hands of the same people who sit on the Supreme Court benches. Less not forget that an “Uncle Tom” Clarence Thomas sits on the bench and he ruled with the racist judges. So as a people we have problem with even our own; then this double agent “Kennedy” voted with them. Anything to destroy and prevent the black people in this country from advancing, “Kennedy” is the man. He is super “racist.”
    The Supreme Court ruling on the “Battymen/Gays” marriage is what our beloved “President Barack Obama” has been championing since last year before his election. He went to “Senegal” and before he spoke about how the Supreme Court has been stripping away our (Blacks) rights. He is telling the people of Africa to embrace and free up “battymen/gays” having no respect for “God” laws of nature and science.
    As I can see the Bible is fulfilling, and there are more madness to come. Maybe, the next thing, his Churches they are going after, because that’s where the blacks get a little “solace, peace of mind, somber feeling and feel comfortable” by singing and praying. Of all the people in this world our ancestors (we as a people) suffer the most because we’re a very forgiven and loving people. And it is time for us to stop forgiving our enemies and pray that the good Lord destroys them and their off-springs. Let them suffer at the hands of out eternal father. Hatred breeds hatred. I don’t believe in extending or give my enemies any love or comfort unless it is to send him to the devil!!! God is good and let’s keep praying.

  2. Interesting perspective Mike . It’s obvious from this ruling , that their is an attempt, real or imagine , to control the immense influence of so called minorities , blacks and Latino, who will most likely be the affected party , by this very action . This can only be described as a subtle imposition of racist tactics .

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