Just When I Thought I Had Heard It All:

Cops told to stop wasting light and water:
That is the headline on a story in the Jamaica Observer of August 13.2011
          That headline is not news, but became so because Jamaica’s Police Commissioner Owen Ellington wants to be transparent to the public. Scrap that , he has no backbone so he makes the weekly communications document between his Office and the Department public. I may be wrong, you readers can bring me up to date on these assumptions, but I would venture to say, no agency, particularly one that is in the business of security and law enforcement , makes their internal communications public.
For those who do not know what the Force Orders is , let me explain, the Force Orders is a weekly document that is issued from the offices of the commissioner of Police to the various Police Divisions Island-wide. In the force orders Police personnel are made aware of  existing strategies , and brought up to speed on changes in policy. It includes Divisional strength, and informs members of their transfer from one station division or parish  to another .It informs them of  promotions, and conveys to them all that they need to know from command and control .
 This was a sensitive document that the public has no right to , and should not have access to .
Owen Ellington has made it a public document.
What this has effectively done is give the  media a constant stream of information, that ought to have been between command and control and personnel, he has effectively turned this sensitive document into  a source of news.
This is a shameful and cowardly capitulation to Jamaica’s criminal rights lobby.
Does the newly instituted colonial masters from England make available to the public their internal communications memo?
This potentially puts the life of members of the force and that of their families at risk. Criminals wanting to kill cops can follow that cop’s transfer knowing when and where that officer and his  family will be.
Anyway back to the topic,Ellington is asking cops to conserve energy!  I am at a loss as to how that is to be done ? are the police to turn off the lights in the station house? how exactly does a police department save energy? are officers now required to turn out the lights in the station houses at 10 pm ?
Finally, why is the Police department having to worry about paying electricity bills? isn’t that a civilian matter for the Mayor’s office? what happens if the police facilities exceeds their budget, does JPS turn off the light ? does the same principle apply to the water? This is the most retarded Neanderthal system I have ever heard of !!!
Police do not make policy, they do not determine the price of utilities, those are the functions of  the private sector and Government. Why is Ellington asking police to conserve electricity/
Please Commissioner Ellington tell the Nation exactly how  you propose to do that? I know you have  to satisfy your political handlers, but  in the meantime, ask them to loosen the leash a little.
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