Having done real time in Law-enforcement and having done research in criminology over the years, I have concluded long ago criminals are common cowards. They are predators who prey on those they believe weaker than themselves. Research data shows most crimes are crimes of opportunity. People do things because opportunity presents itself. (1 A woman who leaves her pocket-book on the seat of her car in plain sight, presents an opportunity to someone. Not just to steal her pocket-book , but to cause significant damage to her car.( 2  Premeditated crimes. Crimes which are planned . Crimes orchestrated by predators who plot ways to destroy their prey . (3 Crimes of passion , generally cowardly acts perpetuated by so-called loved ones. In all these categories there is a universal thread of cowardice.

  • One Jamaican News Paper covering the murder trial of Vybez Kartel naïvely posted the headline .Kartel close to tears. Tears and entreaties , ha , as a former Detective I have seen much of this. After leaving law enforcement I have seen this kind of behavior play out in court-room after court-room across America. When it comes time to pay the piper accused break down in tears. As I have stated time and again, the greatest deterrent to crime is the assurance that criminals will be brought to justice. In Jamaica that sentiment is particularly important, because of the high murder rate. Experts, prognosticators and pundits all opine about what needs to be done to arrest the burgeoning murder rate. I have stated repeatedly, make sure they are brought to justice. Justice means a timely and fair trial, if found guilty the penalty must be severe. This display by this accused Kartel, is proof positive what most front line cops knew, they are not brave, they are not bad, the real bad-man is the rule of law.