We do not wish to give the impression that one  life is more important than the other. We note  however with utter sadness and disgust, the killing of Norma-Lyn Hall, a senior lecturer at Brown’s Town Community  College, and her husband Stephen Hall. of Discovery Bay. 
Early reports suggest the couple was murdered in their home and their bodies dumped in a section of the community called lake side park, the police reported that the couple’s sport utility vehicle was  also missing from their home. The police have  since taken two persons into custody in connection with the killings. Having been involved in criminal Investigations in Jamaica, I am all too  aware of how easy it is for people who play by the rules to lose their lives. Sterling-Castle-Murder_w445This couple probably lost their lives for a few material possessions that in another country would not even get a passing glance. Not so in Jamaica, I am acutely aware of the pervasive envy that is now the norm in Jamaica, envy that is so toxic that it does not allow the envious person to leave the victim alive after taking that person’s property. The common refrain is (dem bway de fe dead) that goes for anyone who work  hard and acquired anything material. The envy is so palpable they do not care if they  get anything when they  kill their victims .They simply do not want you to enjoy what you have worked for. These seeds were planted in the 1970’s . These are the bitter fruits of everyone must share what they have worked for , this is Jamaica.

The couple has joined a long list of ordinary Jamaicans who have done what they were expected  to do, get an education , stay in Jamaica , and give back, the consequence ? ……..death. No one  bats an eye no one cares, this is Jamaica the Serengeti where the weak gets eaten by the predators who kill for the sheer fun of it all. Those are the realities, there will be no lawsuit , no demonstrations by human rights advocates, their families will be left to grieve them without fanfare. After all they are not murderers killed by police in shoot-outs, these were just ordinary Jamaicans who played by the rules. No national honors to be had here , so we will hear nothing from Carolyn Gomes and the other bunch of lying Jezebels about human rights, this couple had no right to life , only the depraved killing machines have a right to life in Jamaica , enhanced and supported by their friends in Jamaicans for Justice. May God have mercy on the Halls , may he cause his face to shine upon them and give them peace , and may they find everlasting rest and comfort in his arms , we pray for them in Jesus name Amen.

While we pray we hold out no hope that the killers will get their just due, not in Jamaica, no way ,My country has been reduced to a joke. May God help us.

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  1. Well said Mike! You are spot on in your views, I knew Norma and Nev and they were two caring and giving souls. RIP Norma and Nev!

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