Life lessons through the eyes of Children.

20130905_150220Aaaw !!!
These four little kittens were found across the street yesterday. My nieces and nephew fell in love with them immediately. Look at them. Who wouldn’t fall in love, or at least in like with them? And I’m not even a cat person. Well before you knew it, EVERYTHING was about the kittens. They were giving all their attention to them. Nothing else seemed to exist or matter…Even when they discovered that they were dirty and had fleas!
Say what? They still wanted to play with them and hug them and they started getting attached to them. One of the kittens seemed mangy, but no worries. They gave them all a bath. The next day we had to break it to them; the kittens couldn’t stay. They could be sick and we had to take them to the vet or ASPCA. You would have thought the world was ending. Why? They had so many reasons for keeping them.  We can’t leave them outside. They’ll be cold. We can clean them up. They need food. But I like them.  They had already claimed the kittens and started naming them.  One was called “Sugar”. How sweet.  But, that’s just kids.
I told them several times to leave the box and kittens alone. And they sulked. One niece even laid down on the front lawn in despair. I asked them what did they do before the kittens came along. They played with their friends, with each other, rode their bikes, ran around freely. And now because the kittens came into their lives for one day, everything had changed. But, that’s just kids for you.
Or is it? How many times have we as adults have had a person or a job or things come into or lives and allowed them to take over?  We quickly forget that we were quite happy before but now can’t seem to live without the job or the money or the relationship, or even the “kitty kat”. We lay down in despair when we’re told of a layoff or that things aren’t working out. We try to hang on, to our own detriment at times, getting more infested with “fleas” and critters. We forget how great life can be and obsess on the things that may not seem even “bad” for us, but just not expedient at this time.  We lay down and forget how much we were enjoying life.  But you might be thinking, Well, I wasn’t enjoying life that much before. Then, it’s time! Find passion and fulfillment. Get your life! Experience your freedom!
My nieces and nephews?  They went back to riding their bikes, watching TV and being their adventurous and fun-loving selves. I’m not 100% certain that they’re not thinking about those kittens.  But at least they’re back to having fun. That’s just kids for you.
Ingrid Jacqueline
Experiencing and Expressing Freedom