Christopher (dudus) Coke has figured out what his legions of fans and patrons still haven’t,  and may never figure out  . That is, our little pond, Jamaica land we love, is just that , a little pond,  we are  all little fish in a great big Ocean, answerable to one power, welcome to globalization and a new world  order.

 He correctly adopted the most sane and plausible course of action opened to him under the circumstances, taking a plea. After all, there are those who argued that he is a smart man, not sure about previous actions on his part , but this guilty plea tend to indicate that he is not stupid.  There have been a lot of talk about Lawyers and what they are able to do , the arguments they are able to make and what must happen as a result of what highly paid lawyers can get done. I get that , without money if one is caught up in the system you are as good as dead. Even with money in the United States, one is guaranteed grandstanding lawyers making loud arguments in the court of public opinion for public consumption and not much more. Those pronouncements are louder depending on the financial worth of the client, those grand comments are geared toward fleecing their high-profile clients of all the cash they can . America’s Justice system is one of laws , no one cares about your standing in society, if anything that may actually work against one who has prominence. Grandstanding lawyers know better than enter court rooms with arrogance , and self-importance. I recall Mark Myrie’s (buju) case and one News paper crowing about Myrie’s lawyer crying about the fact that Myries was convicted.  As I commented then, that was great theatre and nothing more on the part of Buju’s lawyer.

This leads us to the real reason I am writing this (13)


Christopher(dudus) Coke

It is a serious indictment and a damn shame that the America many love to hate, is the country that is always cleaning up Jamaica’s mess. Christopher Coke came to prominence during the 1990’s after the arrest and subsequent death of his father Lester Lloyd Coke.  Matter will occupy any space left unfilled, the Universe does not like a vacuum. Coke simply filled a vacuum, left by incompetence, corruption, politics, and impotence. Christopher Coke , his father, and others before them, were allowed to operate and flourish in the vacuum left in Jamaica by impotent Law Enforcement and corrupt dirty criminal Politicians. despite their meteoric ascendency in the little pond,  they were brought down by globalization, making them  victims of the system as all other Jamaicans have been.

I would imagine there are quite a few people who are a little worried at these new developments , the truth is, a brave yet fed-up police officer is now a true Jamaican hero, we must acknowledge Dr. Peter Phillips for signing the memorandums of understanding with the Americans a move that made all of this possible. Phillips took it onto himself to do this , a move that has earned him the venom of partisans and criminals in Jamaica, (not sure if there is a difference between the two) .

Phillips did not trust to inform the Prime Minister under whom he served of his intention  to sign the MOU’S , this my fellow Jamaicans, is rather telling ,and should be explored. What is the reason behind Peter Phillips’ decision not to inform the cabinet of which he was a part , or then Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller.

Whatever the reason for Phillips’ decision,we must accept that Jamaica was well served by the actions  of the Police Officer and Phillips whether or not we agree with the path they chose to take to get the result they accomplished. I am sickened that after Lester Lloyd Coke was arrested Tivoli gardens was allowed to continue to develop into a state within a state.

The Police department have done no investigations into what  was common knowledge of gun-running ,drug dealing, extortion , murder for hire, weapons for hire, and a plethora of other serious criminal and terroristic activities in that enclave. These vices are not confined to Tivoli Gardens , but as one  past Police Commissioner labelled that community quote “the mother of all garrisons” Tivoli took the cake in terms of exclusion. When we speak of zones of political exclusion the former readout of the Cokes,  was the standard by which other garrisons were judged. There were, and still are crimes and acts of terror within other garrisons, but in terms of the order of how things gets done Tivoli gardens was the template.

Many Jamaicans are still struggling to comprehend how so many people could have come out and demonstrated their undying loyalty to Dudus Coke, they fail to grasp the order of how things was in Tivoli Gardens. Those community members were never answerable to the Jamaican state, they  lived according to the order of a long line of community thugs,culminating in Dudus Coke. This community, built by Labor was the brain-child of Edward Phillip George Seaga, who ran that constituency as his private fiefdom, with the enforcers administering day-to-day running of the constituency . All of the  activities of Tivoli has been divorced from the activities of the Jamaican state, until it’s annexation last May.

On these posts we daily ask Jamaicans to think for themselves and look at the quality of the people they are electing to lead them, as those decisions have serious consequences for them and their children for generations to come. We suggest that the people demand constitutional reform, reform that will target them for human and civil rights , safety and security and the ability for them to be guaranteed their God-given right to be all they can be in a society free from crime and terror.

I post for you comments from a few Jamaicans after learning of Coke’s guilty plea.

Shortly after learning that Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke was ready to plead guilty in a United States court, former National Security Minister Dr Peter Phillips characterised it as a victory for Jamaica against transatlantic criminality. This represents a successful outcome in the specific plea arrangements and, in general, will serve to assist Jamaica in charting the way forward … . We now have to await the outcome of the plea arrangements.”

Thank you Peter Phillips , I do not agree with your politics, however on the course of actions you took regarding the MOU’s , I commend you for doing something about this disgraceful betrayal to our national survival, and our way of life.

For Jamaica Labour Party Senator Tom Tavares-Finson, who as an attorney represented Coke during the extradition hearing at Up Park Camp, St Andrew, in June last year, the decision to cop a plea is likely to be the correct one.I knew of the developments and was aware that they were finalising some arrangements … after some strenuous consultations. The lawyers on the team who have an understanding of the system as well as the client’s (Coke) mental state would be in a position to make a sensible decision

Really Tom? this new position does not jive with your former rhetoric , but you are a lawyer and politico I understand how you could have changed your narrative.


Peter Bunting, who now handles the security portfolio for the Opposition, said the latest developments were hardly surprising. “Once Mr Coke’s request to reject wiretapping evidence into evidence was turned down by the court, there would have been little chance of him getting away as the evidence, coupled with that of the witness cooperation, has been so strong.” this latest development should have implications for others in Coke’s criminal organisation.

Veteran politician K.D. Knight, the attorney who represented the People’s National Party at the Manatt-Dudus commission of enquiry, said it was clear that Coke had taken this course after careful consideration and determining that this would get him the lowest possible sentence.

These two comments are the two that nauseated me, what damn Cowards !

Both of these clowns have had opportunities over the last 181/2 years to do something about crime and terror in Jamaica . They have stood by and watched this criminal empire develop in Tivoli Gardens a labor garrison ,and in many other communities gentrified with pnp supporters. At every turn these two and their entire party has voted down the rule of law, unable to support the police, or allowing the department to change to one that is competent and professional in the performance of its duties. they have systematically sided with criminal rights groups against Jamaica’s security forces, repeating the same tortured repugnant lie that giving police more power to do their jobs will lead to police abuse.

My position is this, even if the aforementioned was true, I would still support moves to empower police over criminals , then deal with any transgressions on their part as they arise.  Jamaica’s police department is probably the most scrutinized police department in the world. The party of Bunting and show-boating Knight, has never seen a criminal they did not like.

The bottom line is that we Jamaicans will have a hard time integrating into the promises  of this new century, we will also have a harder than necessary time navigating the quick-sands of this new frontier . We continue to hold onto failed strategies and social norms of the past, that have failed over and over again. We continue to look to our colonial past for guidance , leadership, and salvation, not understanding that the future is in education, information technologies, and manufacturing to help solve the problems that will be part of the landscape going forward. Our people are heavily invested in the glorification of dance-hall disc-jockeys , athletes, and people with Phd’s, ignoring at their own peril the little farmer that toils to produce life sustaining food, We disrespect the guy that collects the garbage, but reverences politicians that are themselves no more than garbage by their own actions.

Let this be a lesson to all who aspire to don-ship, let all who encourage others to commit crimes in order that they may hold onto state power, as I have stated before , the rules are changing , the world is getting smaller , criminality will no longer stand.

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