I am fascinated by  democrats, particularly the black ones , I am totally blown away by their inability to stand for something.

This runs the gamut from the lowest to the President himself . Those who stand for nothing falls for anything. The president and his party has stood for nothing , has allowed themselves to be pushed around and manhandled by the racist tea party, so much so that Americans have very little hope that the man who campaigned on the mantra of hope and change can deliver either.

Americans like their President to be decisive and firm , wrong or right , conviction is important. As a former supporter of President Obama I must say I too am disappointed in the President. Not because I expected him to deliver something to benefit me.  But because of his lack of back-bone in standing  up to Republicans.

The tea party has lambasted ,assailed and caricatured this President from day one, dim-witted democrats were too pissed scared to open their sniveling , quivering mouths to push back in defence of  our  President, this includes the black caucus . No one dared criticize Sarah Palin for her repeated racist attacks  on the President and his wife Michelle Obama.  Mrs  Obama by the way, a Princeton educated Lawyer did not need to attend several colleges before she could earn a bachelor’s degree.

 No one dared open their mouths at Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Fox organ of mis-information, or any of the Republican agents or organs that have been unleashed against President Obama. Not even Obama himself, too scared to call a spade a spade .

What the hell does Obama and the Democrats think the tea party cartoon caricatures of the president in loin cloth by the hut signify? what does all of the other despicable depictions mean ? does it mean we disagree with you? No they mean you are beneath us and we do not want you in the White House , that is what they mean. All of the black politicians and others who should support the president are duplicitously  silent behind all of the attacks.


                                                                                                               Cornel West and the President in happier times

Cornell West and Tavis Smiley have gone as far as to accuse the president of not doing enough for black people , seriously? what have Cornell West and Tavis Smiley done to push back at the racist reactionaries in the tea party that has been a thorn in the side of President Obama.

Blacks have long sought to put down their own kind, while making excuses, and rationalizing for those who have enslaved and still keep them in bondage. It is the ” we sick massa syndrome” . The late great Malcolm X had some choice words for them, whom  he characterized as “negroes”.

 Finally  a Democrat made the mistake of opening his mouth and speaking out , calling the tea party what it really is , here’s what Indiana congress-man  Andre Carson had to say .

‘The Tea Party wants to see blacks Americans hanging on a tree” .Some of the folks in Congress would love to see us as second class citizens,” Carson said at a Caucus event in Miami. “Some of them in Congress right now of this Tea Party movement would love to see you and me, I’m sorry chairman, hanging on a tree.

Tea Party groups are outraged and are calling for the congressman to resign immediately. Fellow Congressional Black Caucus member Allen West says he’s reconsidering his membership in the group. Carson told CNN he stands by his comments.“I stand on the truth of what I spoke,” he said. “My intentions weren’t to hurt anyone or any group”

Ok let me see  if I understand this correctly ! the tea party is demanding that a congressman elected by his constituents resign for speaking out against their racist demagoguery, well I never, these tea party lunatics really have some nerve.

What really gets me is Allen West  Black Republican congress man stating that he is reconsidering his membership in the Black caucus. Please do everyone a favor Allen West,  leave the Caucus.You serve no purpose in that group and as such. should not have been in it to begin with.


                                                                                                                                                      Allen West

Definition of CAUCUS. : a closed meeting of a group of persons belonging to the same political party or faction usually to select candidates or to decide on policy

Allen West and the other members of the black caucus are from diametrically different political persuasions, they share nothing in common except the color of their skin , they differ on everything politically. Why is Allen West in the black caucus?


                                                                                                                                                              Herman Caine

Then there is Herman Caine, Black republican candidate for president. If this wasn’t  so insulting it would be comical. Some of you may be asking Herman Caine? who the heck is this guy? Well Caine is a former CEO  of a piazza franchise, he rose from rags to riches and never misses an  oppurtunity to tell that his father was a chauffer.Cain allows tea party bigots to absolve themselves of  the shame of their racist identity at his expense . 

They  trot this guy out with the traditional refrain,  see we are not racist,  we have black candidates, bull.

The truth is the former republican party of people like McCain, and Chuck Hagel could not attract but a few black delegates to its lilly white convention, does anyone believe this joker stand a chance of being elected president on the republican ticket? This guy is a novelty, comic relief  like Sarah Palin, Donald trump, and Allan Keyes  before  him.

Caine claims he knows racism when he sees it ,  as a confessed son of the south, (whatever that means) , and he has seen no racism in the tea party .When one considers the amount of black blood  that has been shed in the American south. I wonder what the placards depicting President Barack Obama as everything from a witch doctor to a monkey mean? Whatever shred of credibility this Caine may have had, simply vaporized and blew away with that damn lie. Herman Caine has become the latest black to be an apologist for white racists, there are others like FOX news Juan Williams , and Jessie Petersen, and a slew of other self loathing blacks.

They should ask former Republican National committee chairman Michael Steele how that worked out for him. Republicans hid behind Steele, held their noses, and used him to harass  Obama, the net gain for republicans was a landslide in the house for them. No sooner they won the House they showed Steele the door with his tail  between his legs.


                                                                                                                                                                   Colin Powell

Former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff and Secretary of State Colin Powel, probably the best known black  Republican, has seen how blacks gets treated in the republican party when he got iced out of Bush’s inner circle.  Powel is currently fending off a barrage of attacks to his character from Dick Chaney. The same is true of  former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

 Blacks and the republican party  are as oil on water they simply do not mix.

As it was in the days of Malcolm X, the ones   leading the charge to lynch Congress-man Carson  are blcks,   These   uncle Toms never saw fit to denounce their  masters in the tea party when they sought to demean and degrade President Obama, but are now up in arms  demonizing  a black man who has the guts and the character to speak out against blatant and demonstrated racism.

As they did against Dr. King and Malcolm and other leaders of the civil rights struggle, the white power structure trotted out uncle tom negroes to make the case that everything was right in America, painting those who sought to have their God-given rights respected, as trouble makers , communists, anti-American and everything including the kitchen sink.

Does anyone in their right mind believe the vitriolic vapid and venomous attacks levelled at president Obama is because of policy? In fact examine Obama’s policies against  former president Bush 43rd and see if they differ much.

Bush started and maintained two wars.       Obama escalated one and scaled back one.

Bush had the patriot Act signed into law . Obama extended the patriot Act.

Bush maintained prison in Guantanamo May.  Obama keeps it open.

 Bush gave trillions in tax cuts to the rich . Obama wants to roll them back, no success.

Bush’s policies devastated the economy. Obama struggles to bring the economy back.

Bush  had no clue how to get Bin Laden. Obama found and exterminated him.

Bush created  enemies for America with his bravado. Obama restores America to a country of peace, that respect others.

Which of these two men is worthy of praise, if any?  where are the seismic policy differences that makes Obama so despised as against president Bush? The fact is there is none, the problem tea party activist and their zoot-suited black court jesters have with the president is the color of his skin. White tea party members hate the president because he is half black. Black tea party activists hate the president because they hate themselves.

If democrats want to have a  chance in the next election, they must start growing some backbone, no one wants wimps to represent them at a time when racist demagogues are out in full force against what we have accomplished , tearing at the seams of the garments those whom have gone before  have stitched for us . Threatening to rip them from us exposing the  nakedness of our dispossession.

Black people the world over who respect themselves are tired of being told who our leaders should be, what we can and cannot say , and when we may or may not speak. The congressional black caucus have been silent throughout all of the assault on Barack Obama, which is an all out assault on all black people and what we have fought for and accomplished . Make no mistake there are those who will argue things are good and we should try to get along,  well they aren’t,  untill they respect us, and the leaders we chose to lead us, as Maxine Walters said “they can go straight to hell’.

This is not for blacks like Allen West, it is not for Clarence Thomas, it is not for the clowns that embarrass themselves at tea party events  providing comic relief. After all you may remove some from  the plantation, but may not remove the plantation from some.

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One thought on “IS THE TEA PARTY RACIST?

  1. The ‘uncle toms’ and racial apologists like ‘personalized salon tshirt’ who quickly categorize your comments as ‘fairly radical’ and ‘generally not totally justified’, may be excused for their conceptual illiteracy to some extent. Like it or not some only have claim to heritage through skin color while they deny the obvious truth about anything that speaks to the prejudice of their plantation owners who without much effort still manages to keep their minds under subjugation. Their is really no reason to waste time responding to this. Hope lies with the educated young.

    Thanks for a cogent, unvarnished and ‘in your face’ commentary on the political situation as it is evident to most people who can justifiably lay claim to posession of a mind. Be advised that as obvious as truth may be detractors will come from out of the woodwork to dispute it. Not everyone’s agenda involves the general good and, strangely enough, not everyone believes in a just and decent society.

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