The Definition of Government is characterized in several different ways but is generally understood to be the political direction and control exercised over the actions of the members, citizens, or inhabitants of communities, societies, and states; the direction of the affairs of a state, community, etc.
Government is made up of various branches geared at dealing with different interests areas of a society, much the same way there are can be many different roads and avenues leading to the same place, or the many branches on the same tree.


With that in mind, I find it curious that the Commissioner of INDECOM found it necessary to issue a release surrounding the recently declared limited state of emergency in St James Parish.
In the release, Terrence Williams the commissioner said INDECOM fully supports the recent decision by the Government of Jamaica to declare a state of emergency in the parish of St James.
We are confident that the security forces will perform their duties within their own use of force policies.
“We are particularly pleased that as a part of the strategic approach to the state of emergency, members of the security forces have received refresher training in human rights and public engagement.” 
The commission added that dedicated staff members of the Western Regional Office, located in Montego Bay, will continue to serve the region and mutual cooperation with the members of the security forces is anticipated as they work to restore order and public safety in St James.

It is understandable that self-serving narcissism is a thing in today’s world, not just in Jamaica but in other countries as it is in America at the highest perches of government. Yet it is grossly unattractive to others who are exposed to it.
Sometimes just staying in the shadows sends a far more important message that jumping in front of a bunch of cameras.

Whether Terrence Williams believes it or not INDECOM is a part of the Government. Issuing a statement declaring his support for a legitimate act by the government is outside the scope of what is required by Williams and indeed INDECOM.
Simply put, as an arm of the government INDECOM need not issue a declarative statement of support for the legitimate actions of the said Government, unless the commissioner believes his role is to supervise the Government.
Which would fit into what we have been saying all along, that the [Frankenstein] agency created by the JLP with the blessings of the PNP, is actually the tail wagging the Dog and as a consequence is one of the reasons the law should be repealed?


I will await declarative statements from the commissioner of Taxes, Customs, and other Commissioners of the Government. It is extremely important that as a country[all of Government ]is behind the actions of the[said Government].[sic]
Terrence Williams has stepped forward to validate the Government’s actions by issuing a thinly veiled warning to the members of the security forces who are actively exposed in what is essentially a war zone. The country now owes a debt of gratitude to Terrence Williams for giving his seal of approval failing which none of this would have had legitimacy[sic]