I will be brief as I vent on a few items which made the news recently in my beloved Jamaica.
In the meantime, I want decent law-abiding Jamaicans who simply want a good and peaceful life to know just how the people they put in charge of their affairs are deceiving them using the police as scapegoats.

The Police have to simply walk away as they have no means of getting their stories told and the powers that be in conjunction with the complicit deceitful media is all too willing to carry the message for the liars.
It shows how some activist judges, criminal lawyers and others come together to defame and dismantle the system because of their disdain for the police.

Item # 1 Murder Case Collapses After Cops Are Caught Lying.

Anthony ‘Bugussu‘ Powell, a 56-year-old higgler beats a murder rap.
According to the complaint in an affidavit more befitting a dying declaration, on January 26, 2010, 43-year-old Richard Burke was shot in the back of the neck while he was standing at the intersection of East Street and Tower Street in downtown Kingston.
The police testified that they visited Burke at the Kingston Public Hospital on the day of the incident and he said it was Bugussu (Powell) who shot him.

According to the police, they returned to the hospital the following day and spent two hours taking a statement from Burke, but he could not sign it because he was paralyzed. A policeman signed as a witness to the statement, which was not completed because they claimed that Burke said he had a headache. The police also claimed that on the third day, they returned to the hospital to complete the statement and Burke asked if they had caught Bugussu yet.

Two of Burke’s relatives also told the court that he had told them that Bugussu had shot him before he died on the evening of the third day that he was in the hospital. During cross-examination, the doctor who treated Burke told the court that she did not see any police visiting at the time they claimed, and from the injury, he had suffered, he could not give a statement for two hours when the police claimed he did. The doctor said that based on the nature of the surgery, Burke was not able to speak and, therefore, could not give a statement lasting two hours the next day, as claimed by the police.

In doing what they do best whether they are paid or otherwise, the trial judge Evan Brown said the case was a “travesty of justice”.
There was no evidence that the police officers knew the accused Anthony Bugussu before they got the case, since they did not know the accused there was no way that they could have had malice against him.

Additionally, family members of the deceased told the court that their loved one told them that he was indeed shot by the accused Anthony Bugussu,
Dying declarations are sacrosanct by law in most municipalities and it ought to be in Jamaica according to Jamaican law.
Yet on the testimony of one Doctor who may have lied or who may have simply gotten the facts wrong the clear-cut murder case was tossed and the defendant was set free.

Worse yet, the Judge, defense, and attorney decided to pile on the police, solely on the evidence of one person who could have been lying or have gotten her facts wrong.
What was the motive of the police for charging the accused considering that there is no evidence that they knew the offender and as such could have zero malice toward him?
Why was the testimony of the Doctor given more credence over the family members and investigating officers?


Item # 2 Corporal Melvin Smith killed in Mandeville town center trying to stop the robbery of a motor cycle.

   Cpl. Melvin Smith


No damn motorcycle is worth an officer’s life, so it wasn’t the motorcycle which caused Corporal Melvin Smith to intervene on seeing a robbery in progress. It was the call of duty and the commitment to serve. Corporal Smith was shot several times as he attempted to apprehend a robber who had just stolen a motorcycle in the Mandeville town center. The owner of the motorcycle was also shot and remains hospitalized in stable condition.
This officer gave his life while in the same breath the Minister of Justice Delroy Chuck continues on his mission to defame them using all of the tools at his disposal.
I urge the family of this fallen officer to shun and rebuff all attempts at platitude coming from INDECOM in this their hour of grief.


Item# 3 Cpl Marsh of the Trelawny Division goe to New York for treatment.

Corporal Marsh and colleagues on his way out of the Island.

Corporal Marvin Marsh who was shot in his leg at his home on September 18th this year was told that he may lose his leg if he does not get treatment abroad.
Corporal Marsh who was injured in his right leg was treated at the Mandeville Hospital, readmitted and is now forced to leave the Island because he cannot receive the treatment or one of the medication he needs on the Island.
According to reports, the condition of Corporal Marsh’s leg continues to deteriorate and his family and colleagues were given the grim news that if he did not receive the treatment he would lose his leg.
Corporal Marsh is now in the United States through the quick work and dedication of his colleagues at the Federation and his family.
We wish him well.

Item#3 Joking With Our Jails – INDECOM Still Concerned About The Treatment Of Persons In Police Lock-Ups

       Terrence Williams

Amidst the death of Cpl Smith and the sense of goodwill which has begun to turn toward the Police Chief Media prostitute and anti-police antagonist, Terrence Williams made a grab for some media attention as well.
Knowing full well that if the police are able to get their act together no one cares about him he went back to the traditional well.

He argued that this is not the case at many police stations islandwide, and indicated that since 2010, INDECOM has received 131 complaints of unlawful detention and 59 complaints of unduly long detention. The Mandeville Police Station accounted for 16 of the complaints, the most from any individual station over the period, while 12 were from persons held at the Constant Spring Police Station and 11 from detainees at the Half-Way-Tree lock-up. Williams said that persons are often subjected to overcrowding and inhumane conditions in lock-ups as some cops use delay tactics to keep them behind bars.
Williams said that since 2010, it has received almost 200 complaints from persons detained by the police.

First of all, I encourage officers who are forced to arrest suspects to take them to Terrence Williams’ home and house them there.
If the Police do not do their jobs this scribe chat if they do their job this scribe chat, where are the police supposed to put these suspects?
All across the world police are forced to sometimes keep violent suspects in custody for a little over the times prescribed by statute.
In many cases, this is done using ingenious ways like charging the suspect for the little weed he had when he was held on suspicion of murder.

Even though detectives would generally not bother with the weed charge under normal circumstances if they had all of the evidence, they are forced to charge the suspect for it in order to buy time.
In many cases, this is a valuable tool for the safety and protection of the citizenry, especially in a country like Jamaica which is a criminal revolving door even for the most violent murderers who are summarily given bail regardless of the number of people they kill.
Finally on this, in a country like Jamaica with the level of criminality and the anti-police environment which exist there, it is absolutely shocking that in seven years there have only been 200 complaints.

At that rate, there is a grand shocking total of 2.380 reports to INDECOM per month. If the Police can have numbers this good in all of it’s operating categories Jamaica would be in great shape.
Nevertheless, the attention-grabbing Terrence Williams is a drowning man who is quite desperate to grab at any straw he can. That makes him dangerous and he must be called out for the lying deceptive demagogue that he is.

Item#4 Mark Rickets Article. Mark Ricketts | It’s A Disgrace How We Treat The Police (Part 2) – Jamaica’s Crime Cop-Out.

Justice Minister Delroy Chuck

Some months ago, the minister of justice, in a rather unfortunate presentation captured on TV, used sleight of hand trickery, depicting movement of an invisible object from the right hand to the left, accompanied by the words, that’s the sort of thing the police will do.
In so far as the medium is the message, the imagery being reinforced is that the JCF is institutionally corrupt, is inclined to excessive use of force, and is not entitled to respect. Listen to the ‘curse-out’ the police get if they insist on giving a ticket for an offence.
Last Monday, most people saw on TVJ instances of police powerless as they were jostled and arm-wrestled by motorists they had stopped for infractions. It was a disgrace, affirming that lawlessness has no boundaries. http://jamaica-gleaner.com/article/commentary/20171029/mark-ricketts-its-disgrace-how-we-treat-police-part-2-jamaicas-crime-cop


This story needs nothing it speaks clearly and unequivocally.
I am thrilled to see that there are other people now willing to actually speak out favorably about the police. For years after leaving the Police department I have sought to speak out against the police when they mess up and hold them up when they deserve our praise.
The fundamental problem which exists is that there are people in political leadership, (in both political parties) who are actively tearing down the JCF when their jobs are exactly that they should be building up the department.
Delroy Chuch is chief among equals in that regard.