It is incredibly hard for Law Enforcement officers to make a difference in Jamaica’s culture of lawlessness and wanton murder. It is so because truthfully the present Administration lacks the backbone to break the back of serious crimes as a result of local lobbies which are being funded by International powers who have a heavy hand in the determination of how our laws are made and enforced.


Listen to directives here.

As a small developing country, Jamaica is heavily dependent on foreign countries for funding. This makes it incredibly vulnerable to the dictates of those lender nations which generally do not always have our nation’s interest at heart.
In fact, to suggest that large and powerful countries do not have the interest of smaller dependent nations at heart may be stating the obvious, nations do not have friendships they have interests.

As a young cop back in the 80’s to early 90’s I recall the emphasis placed on the eradication of Ganga because the United States wanted it so. Today Jamaica is flooded with guns which are largely seeping in from the very same United States. The US has almost infinite resources, yet we have not seen a sustained or meaningful campaign to stem the flow of guns into the Caribbean region or Jamaica in particular.

Simply put, the United States is a large manufacturer of guns and those guns have to be sold. In fact, despite the wanton slaughter of innocent children in what should be the sanctuary of their classrooms across America, there is zero effort to stop the mass production and proliferation of guns unto the streets of the United States.

For these reasons and others, I ask the JCF rank and file officers to take the directives outlined in the audio above seriously as they go about their daily routines.
It is clear that what is called the high command which passes for the leadership of the hard-working men and women is incapable of giving leadership.  These simple yet critical processes are tried and proven to work if they are applied professionally, consistently and across the board.

Adhering to these established protocols are known to work in reducing risk to officers and simultaneously eliminating dangerous confrontations between citizens who are pulled over by police.