Now that the first so called zone of special operations (ZOSO) has been established in the Mount Salem area of St. James look for crime to spike in other areas of the parish and even in adjoining parishes.
Like a plastic bag half filled with water, squeeze one end and the water simply rushes to the other end of the bag.

I caution individual rank and file officers not to detain anyone, simply show up and complete your shift.
This is not a crime fighting strategy, the powers who created it know that hardened criminals will not stick around waiting for a massive amount of security personnel to be infused into their zones of operation.
As a consequence officers must see this exercise for what it is.

It’s important that each and every one of you use your deductive reasoning, extrapolate from the charade playing out, of which you are a part, that you are mere pawns on this chess board set up so you will take the fall for this Government’s failures.

Understand also that the political opposition,  like the Government, does not respect the rule of law.
Both political parties pay lip service to human rights you must know their posturing about human rights and setting up telephone lines to monitor these zones are dog whistles, “I stand with you against the police”.

Know also that this is not about removing guns and dangerous murderers from the streets.
It is a smokescreen which was announced ahead of time, making sure that the dangerous killers within the communities are long gone by the time you arrive.

It is important that you recognize that both the Prime Minister and the Justice Minister have said you are not in these zones to kill anyone.
Those retarded comments by themselves depict the lack of respect they have for what you do.
Police officers including yourselves are sworn to protect lives, that include your lives and sometimes that of others.
In observance of those sworn commitments officers are sometimes forced to use deadly force.
No real cop goes out looking to get into life and death situations not knowing how those encounters may turn out.
Yet these people who purport to be your leaders, the very same people who created these volatile communities send you into these most dangerous of communities and set you up to be killed.

How anyone could send cops into explosive situations and lecture them not to kill anyone is to tell you that you have no right to self-defense, never mind defending anyone else.
This is the level of lunatic political opportunism this administration brings to the table under the guise of crime fighting.
It is the most glaring example yet that it is a shameless exploitation of police and military bodies with a view to changing perceptions.


This ZOSO act, if at all a crime reduction act would have empowered you to go after criminals which by the way each and every one of you is sworn to do.
Technically speaking not only does the ZOSO act not give you any more powers it actually curtails your powers to make policing decisions.


Each time you have to go to a so called lay magistrate to seek permission to detain a suspect understand that you are being asked to surrender your training and sense of what you were trained to do to, subjugate yourselves to an untrained individual who was given a piece of paper and told they are lay magistrates.
Understand that many are political hacks with loyalties to the two political parties and hardly any interest in seeing an end to crime.

Bear in mind that you are merely being asked to place your bodies in these communities so that criminals will stop killing in the area they the administration will henceforth designate zones of special operations.
The law does nothing to empower you to go after the killers with a vengeance. Ask yourselves why it doesn’t?

Peter Phillips opposition leader

The Government is quite prepared to move your bodies around the country from place to place depending on the flare up in murders just so they can have something to point to and say crime went down in a so called zone.

In the end, crime will continue because neither of the two political parties wants you to police the country, the lack of education, poverty, and violence is a perfect environment for them to exploit for political purposes.
You are merely the fall guys and gals.

I believe we all know that for the most part, the majority of your political leaders belong behind bars.
Because criminals get to make the decisions we have the country we have.
Remember Tivoli Garden’s officers, if possible do not touch anyone, don’t even speak if you can avoid doing so, complete your shift and go home.