Macabre scenes from that fateful train crash.

One of the problems facing our country is the inability of people to think outside the box, or even allow themselves to entertain other ideas outside the opinions they initially formed on any range of subject matters.
We form opinions, and nothing else will change what we made ourselves believe, facts become mere points to be countered.

Scenes from the crash

In a September 24th, 2018 Jamaica Observer Article titled: Railway Corp supports development of Kendal crash site, Chairperson for the Kendal Crash Committee at the Municipal Corporation, Angella Edwards, said that the vision is that visitors to the proposed memorial/recreational park will be able to park their vehicles and take a rail car to the area. 
Find the link below.

Graphic, yet indelible imagery from that fateful event.

Not a bad idea for an actual area where visitors to a shrine could honor the dead who fatefully lost their lives in that horrible crash. But why are Jamaicans so preoccupied with parks?
So I flippantly wrote the following in  response to the [park suggestion]

Memorial/recreational park !!!
In other words, build a park for sound-systems to blare and semi-nude bodies to gyrate.
Why not?
Nothing trumps the need to be entertained, not even a solemn event as the Kendal crash.

Like bait on a line, it did not take long for one particular fish to take me on indirectly.

JamaicanDawta Mike Beckles 

Castleton Gardens & Emancipation Park are recreational parks and I don’t see what you describe there. Why would you think that the Kendal site would be different?Ahitschoo ah kuntri it deh?

No dearest, the idea of a recreational park is okay, but in a tragic event like the Kendal train crash in which over two hundred people lost their lives in that single event don’t you think that a monument is more fitting?

These dramatic images say much more than words ever could.

Then came the real smart ones…

Nikanta JamaicanDawta • 
Nikanta speaking to me through someone else.

I was at a loss when I read the comment too was too dumbstruck to respond. Because my thought is that this thing should have been conceptualize decades ago. At the time when this occurred it was the worst train disaster of that time with over 200 persons losing their lives dozens of families affected to date. I often heard my grandmother lament about that incident my neighbour had lost his mother and yet outside of that growing up I hardly ever heard anything formally about the Kendal Crash we reverie nothing in this country that’s why our relics and most of our historic buildings/monuments look like crap.

Now after correcting some of the misspellings I responded.


Instead of a “RECREATIONAL PARK”, how about a fitting monument which appropriately honors the dead, and takes into account the grief of the people at the time this unfortunate event occurred?
I too heard about it, the gory details and all, I would suggest that we have a fitting monument to remember the event by, not a recreational park.

JamaicanDawta Mike Beckles • 

I agree with you on this one, Mike. But yuh no know how di ting go: appeal to which paat yuh get votes.


So far so good right?

Nikanta Mike Beckles 

So the monument cannot be placed in the Park giving it a more tranquil setting while you stand there reflecting.? We so small minded when it comes to things of substance but we have no qualms about politicians spending our tax dollars on their own frivolous pursuits.
Actually, that is not an unreasonable position to take but I am thinking the cost would probably be astronomical so let’s focus on an edifice which honors those who lost their lives.
So how about something like the Lincoln Memorial, how about something like the Holocaust museum, the civil war memorial, the African-American Museum.
I don’t know something substantive, like a presidential library, just not a park.


Okay, it seems that your brain, what’s left of it, is a stuck in a permanent a state of [park], hence your obsession and preoccupation with parks.
Can you think outside what the stupid politicians propose for a change despite the blinkers?

Nikanta Mike Beckles 

FYI You sir seem to have less of a clue as to what a brain actually does and I am presuming it has do with your lack of oxygen intake after all there isn’t much decent green spaces left in this country to assist you with that (which is what I am more in agreement with so if you want to call it a MEMORIAL PARK…what the hell ever). I for one don’t give a hoot about what politicians recommend and clearly, you don’t give a hoot about anything really except to open that space in your face.

Again I had to correct the misspellings but anyway.

Now he/she went there, (smile). 
Okay, I don’t mind discussing issues but when you are losing and you decide to engage in ad hominem attacks, I take off the gloves.


The nuclear response.

I’ll tell you a little story after which it will be radio silence, my time is far too valuable.
In parts of Africa, they would catch monkeys by cutting a little hole in a pumpkin, enough to accommodate the monkey’s paw.
They would then use a special stick to loosen the gut of the pumpkin and leave it where the monkeys would find it.
The monkey would force,  it’s paw into the squash and scoop all the entrails it’s little paw could hold and it would not let go.
The only problem is that with a paw full of pumpkin entrails, the monkey was unable to get its paw out of the tiny hole, but the monkey would not let go of the prize and so it went, the trapper would catch the monkey, paw still trapped in the pumpkin.
If only it let go of what it initially grabbed…….

You are that (monkey)