There is a certain sense of detached resignation associated with the killings going on today, whether they are in the United States or any other nation including our own small Island of Jamaica.
We no longer process each death with the same amount of grief and reverence we did in times past. Whether the gruesomeness of the images and the speed and frequency with which the images bombard our brains has desensitized us is for the experts to decide.

Onlookers stand above the body of a young, male murder victim found dumped in a gully in Meadowbrook Estate neighborhood of Kingston, Jamaica June 13, 2008. On average there is a murder every 5.5 hours in Jamaica, an astronomical rate given the total population of the tiny Caribbean nation is only around 3 million.

Whether the senselessness of the killing of 59 innocent concertgoers in Las Vegas Nevada or the murders of Horace and Daisy Lyn in May Pen Clarendon, the shocking reality is that we are so desensitized to the murders that we only respond to them as statistics or based on the fame and importance of the victims.

The truth is that every time an innocent life is snuffed out we are lesser as humans for the loss of that person’s contribution to mankind.
The tragedy now is in the carefree way in which we treat the death of individualss. Like a single leaf falling from a tree at the end of its time so too do we treat the many individual murders each day, saving our attention and in some cases our outrage for the mass casualty situations.

It does not mean that those of us who are yet alive are all cruel uncaring people it means that we can only process the cruelty of each act in a limited amount of time before we are greeted with another.
Sometimes so many individual cases that we can no longer pay special attention, we simply glance at the headlines.

Parts of the Las Vegas mall where 59 people were murdered and over 500 injured


What is it which causes someone to open fire on a group of innocent people whom he doesn’t know? What causes someone to make the decision to blow up innocent men women and children he has never met?
What is it which causes anyone to slaughter an innocent couple when simply robbing them in disguise would suffice if robbery was the motive?

How many more lives will be snuffed out before the Government stop listening to pretentious people with their own agendas and take the requisite steps to protecting the Jamaican people?
According to the reporting, the Las Vegas shooter took his own life, he was not the only killer to take his own life before authorities could arrest him, he won’t be the last.
One thing is certain every mass killer in the United States know that if caught he will never see the light of day again.

Can we say the same for Jamaica?I think not, killers simply walk away with pretty little fear they will be held accountable for their actions.
The few who are brought before the courts are promptly granted bail and allowed back onto the streets to kill again as many times as they wish.
Nothing in the nation’s laws or the support given to law enforcement sends a clear message that crime will not be tolerated.

Contrarily, the lack of unequivocal support dedicated to law enforcement and the lax attitude of the courts sends a clear message that the lives of citizens are not important unless they are from upper St Andrew.
The clock is ticking on this issue before we reach a point of no return. In 2010 Jamaica received a very important message of the clear and present danger imminent against the state

The United States has the law enforcement infrastructure to repel an attack on the sovereignty and legitimacy of the state Jamaica does not.
Clearly, despite the killings, there is a sense of business as usual on the part of the administration, that the functions of Government can be advanced despite the daily murders with a little magic act involving smoke and mirrors.

Peter Phillips opposition leader

The opposition party is far worse, it’s goal is the control of state power and the pilfering of scarce tax-payers resources.
That has been its modus operandi, there is nothing to indicate that anything will change with that party.
So the nation is left with the hope that the Holness administration will stop the posturing, send the so-called human rights lobby packing and get to work securing the nation.

Andrew Holness

In case the administration is wondering where securing the nation falls within its raft of responsibilities, the answer is number one.
Every Administration’s primary responsibility is to ensure the safety and security of the people.
Advancing the idea that there will be prosperity in this murder madness is simply another act in the smoke and mirrors sideshow.