The United States Supreme Court today pulled off a stroke of brilliant but devious genius in the way it handled two decisions before it. Yesterday June 25/2013, the world learned that the United States through its highest court, struck down section 5 of the land-mark 1965 voting rights act signed by President Lyndon Johnson.

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President Lyndon Johnson and Dr Martin Luther King

The 1965 voting Rights Act was a fitting climax to decades of atrocities visited on African-Americans who only wished to participate in the concept of democracy, the right to vote. These atrocities included the most gruesome murders, rape, and a plethora other crimes. It guaranteed Blacks in America the right to take part in the notion presented in the Constitution that all men are created equal.


The right to vote, is the right to be involved in the democratic process of one man one vote. It is the corner-stone of the principle of democracy. Yet over the last 4 hundred years in America, the white majority did not allow black Americans to enjoy the dignity of being humans in a land they settled long before Christopher Columbus even got here.

Many African-Americans Jews, and gentile whites died to win that simple right that the white majority takes for granted as a result of white privilege. Notwithstanding the US Supreme Court struck down section 5 of that Act , knowing full well that the dysfunctional Congress may never be able to fine tune this Act. Ironically, the primary reason the majority  sites for changes to the Act through Chief Justice Roberts is that the South of yesteryear no longer exist. The shocking reality of this statement is that the Right wing of this court is arguing that the Act should be changed because it has been successful. It is no surprise that John Roberts wanted that  Law changed even as a young lawyer in the Reagan Administration.

In the minority dissent written by Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, she argues that the action of the court is tantamount to throwing out your umbrella in a rain-storm because you aren’t getting wet. It was a shockingly callous and blatant disregard for the gross injustices which has been inflicted on African-Americans in this country. Acquiescing to the demands of Shelby County Alabama, when they can shown no harm that the law has done  is unconscionable. It is a slap in the face to well meaning people all over the world, and an affront to their dignity.

Striking down section 5 of the Voting Rights Acts in fact saying “We know you have been bad but because we made sure you are not bad anymore we will stop ensuring that you remain good”. This makes no sense, many of the people who were around in the early 1960’s standing in the way of African-Americans right to vote are still alive and a part of the process there.

Even so ,over the last election cycle there have been blatantly overt attempts to prevent people of color from voting all across America. How could a court get a decision so blatantly wrong?  Except of course, that the decision of that court is a part of an orchestrated strategy to return blacks to the pre-civil rights era.


The decision of the Supreme Court the very next day June 26th 2013 which strikes down the  Federal Defense of marriage act, is a brilliant yet devious stroke of genius. The Court is patently aware that the euphoria of Gays being allowed to marry would be momentous.

The 5 right wing judges which swept away the rights of African Americans just a day earlier understands that their shameful decision would  be over-shadowed by their latest actions , that of striking down DOMA . They gambled it would  literally sweep away their callous actions of the day before like a Tsunami, they were right.

All across America gays and lesbians, and those who support marriage equality are in celebratory mode, while the rights of almost 40 million black people were set back almost 50 years in one egregious and shameful ruling. They had to know the implications, yet they did it anyway. I often wondered what it must have felt like to live in the America of the 50’s and 60’s, yesterday I felt like I was right there.

No one will be talking about the grave injustice done to blacks in that decision of Shelby county Vs Holder, it will all disappear in the euphoria of the ruling giving gays and lesbians the right to marry. Once again Black Americans are pawns in the process, a totally disposable and despised people.


  1. Everything to enhance the white agenda, the court has been always there as their partner. They hate that in a few years they are going to a minority. This action is tantamount to judicial activism. It is a sad day for black people in the country where they claim all people are “equal.” The only thing this court is doing is planting the seeds of extinction of the “Republican Party” each time they and their operatives do something to prevent the blacks and Hispanics to participate in the political process; they came out in numbers never seen before, this is a blow to the minority, but it only strengthens and unites us more. Thanks to these “Devils” on the Highest Court in America. They are the devils in gowns, and their place and seat are reserved in “hell!” I hope when I die, I am one of the enforcers of the Lord’s law! To God be the glory; hatred only breeds hatred, our generations are not like our ancestors. You cannot cuddled, love or shower your enemies with roses, you pray that the good Lord take care of them with his power which no man on earth can counter.
    What don’t kill us make us stronger!!! This only emboldens me to vote for any “Democrat” even a dog. I don’t care who the Republicans will is beside the “D” never, ever get my vote, never!!!

    1. Thanks for your continued vigilance to the cause of the rule of law and justice Chris. I admire your courage in speaking truth to power, not content to sit by and enjoy your life simply because you are ok. “Evil persists when good men remain silent”
      “A threat to justice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”.
      The Supreme court gave gays and lesbians the right to marry, even as I reserve the right to disagree with their lifestyle, I also understand the need to let God Almighty be the judge. And so be it.

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