view from the deck of the shadows restaurant, overlooking the shadows marina
view from the deck of the Shadows restaurant, overlooking the shadows marina

In my last Blog I highlighted the disparity in  the way the city of Poughkeepsie was being run. I talked about the lack of Sanitation services in some parts of the city while other parts are kept in pristine condition. I also

garbage strewn streets derelict buildings and crime is a staple on the 500 block
garbage strewn streets, derelict buildings and crime are staples on the 500 block

made clear that the Mayor needs to do a better job as all residents of the City deserve the same treatment.

I must also add that it is the responsibility or residents to take care of their community. Eating from a paper plate and then simply dropping it on the sidewalk after finishing the meal is common sight here. The notion of walking and eating a full meal is probably an alien concept to some of you , not so here. In some instances pizza boxes are strewn on the sidewalk, left exactly where the pizza ran out or where the wind discarded it .

The difference in the life of the city is very sharp. Poverty, drugs , violence, guns and solid middle class life coexist together. Yet as if miles  apart. It occurred to me today as I had brunch with my wife, that at the risk of sounding arrogant or grand, life is largely dependent on the choices we make. We can decide to complain about the things which are wrong in our lives. Just how poor we are, just how badly we have been treated, or we may use those adversities as  catalysts to empower ourselves.

Our city is infested with drug users and pushers. A few days ago a young man Shiquan M. Krouser, 27, was shot and killed by 1400949637000-db-shooting-0514-3586Police. It is alleged that he attacked and injured a female police officer. Police responded to a report of a man who was “dusted up” — high on angel dust or PCP — “causing a disturbance, stopping cars, yelling and screaming,” at the intersection of Main and Academy streets early Saturday morning, “all they (officers) know is the person they encountered,” Chief Ron Knapp said.

20140608_135925One could argue that the challenges facing the City Of Poughkeepsie are no different than any other city. There may be some element of truth to that.

I believe  however, that in a city this small , the disparity is pretty wide. Walk the streets of this  city and you get a feel for what I’m talking about. Drugs can be sourced on almost every corner. Prostitutes roam the streets night and day 20140608_142939and shootings are never far away.

Inside the Shadows Restaurant the Sunday afternoon crowd enjoyed fine dining in a comfortable and elegant atmosphere. It does seem we chose to live the way we live .20140608_142949 We are not bound by our present circumstance. How we react to adversities will impact what happens to us going forward.  Truly Poughkeepsie is a lot like other American cities, she has  some challenges not found in other cities however. Residents of this Mid -Hudson City can do better to remove this stigma that our city is just a drug town where people go to get high, or as one critic told me once ” a place where old people retire” .

This is a city where one is never far from the Hudson River. The newly renovated Walk-way over the Hudson is one of America’s newest and most scenic National Parks. We have two fabulous Colleges here, State of the Art Hospitals and great dining. This little City on the Hudson  can be a great place to live, it all depends on we the people.