From contributor Chris Porter.


A true Jamaican patriot lost his life doing what he loved, flying a plane in the skies of Jamaica:
The late Rojorn Campbell was like family to me, a nephew and a member of my immediate family from birth. I knew him from birth when his parents were living at Eltham Park, Spanish Town, St. Catherine and I was living on the other side of the housing scheme.

His mother (Fredricka Campbell) and I grew up in the same home when I was going to high school in Jamaica, with her mother the late Mrs. Pearl Antonio, two brothers, one sister, and nieces. You could not tell that I am not related to them by blood. They treated me with unconditional love, respect, and most of all like family.

Rajon and I having a light

Little did I know that on September 2, 2014, at about 3:00 PM was the last time I would see Rojorn Campbell alive. My heart is heavy, sad, and I feel so empty inside knowing that I will not see him again in the flesh. A lot of Jamaicans love to call ourselves patriots, but we do not know or understand and practice being a “Jamaican-Patriot!” The late Rojorn Campbell was a true Jamaican-Patriot who loves, supported, and defended his country and its interests with devotion. He regarded himself as a defender, especially of sovereign rights, against presumed interference by outsiders of Jamaica.

The last time we met we had a great time just catching up

Normally, I do not write about others who have departed this earth, but I must do so as a family of the Campbell’s and Antonio’s family because I can empathize with them in some ways but not fully because he was not my son. Parents, siblings,  spouse, child(ren) loss pain is different from others.
All I can say is that I am so proud of him and the lives he has touched on this earth and there is a good saying that “good people” die young because God does not want them to get infected by the corruptors! In the photographs of Rojorn and me sitting in my living room talking for hours about what is next move should or going to be for the future was a very interesting time in his life.


He shared all his accomplishment and lifelong dreams of becoming a pilot and got his certification to soar the skies.
During our conversation, I tried to convince him not to go back to Jamaica, I gave him several reasons why he should remain in the United States of America and join the “Air Force,” and his life would be much better than going back to Jamaica.


He was extremely fixated  on going back to Jamaica  the mother of his child and  his little daughter whom he called “Kiki.”
Nothing that I said to him touched a cord in the brain to reconsider my suggestions or matter what I was saying because it didn’t matter to him, Jamaica is where his heart was.
Rojorn wanted to go back to Jamaica where his heart was.  He thought going back to his homeland would enable him to contribute to his country where he has gotten his first taste of education. He wanted to give back to Jamaica and motivate others to inspire others to dream big like himself. To be frank, I wish that he had listened to me, but destiny and faith would fulfill his plans of soaring in the skies of Jamaica.


Last week when I heard that he died, a piece of me died, knowing that he was a part of me from birth, watching him become his own man and a father and subsequently a husband. I never met or knew his wife, but I know that the pain must be insurmountable, throbbing, aching, and in despair as a young woman to lose her husband less than three weeks after they’d tied the knot.
On my cell phone, we have a group chat called “Positive Thinkers!” Most of the members are former members of the Jamaican Constabulary Force, Members of various United States police departments, Jamaican/Americans who were in the military and are serving in law enforcement here and even a neurologist, Rojorn Campbell was a part of this group from its inception. Since his death, I haven’t mustered the energy, strength, or forte to share with its members that he is no longer with us.


Even his father Everton Campbell is a member of our group, that’s how close they were to each other that they would be sharing their thoughts at times. Our group discusses various issues which affect us as people worldwide, especially crimes in Jamaica and the solutions to the problems there.
Rojorn reminded me that he was in-love with Jamaica (A patriot) and at one time of my life, that was the way I felt too.
He reminded me that I went to the  Jamaica Police Academy at a tender age as a police cadet and when I graduated, I was the youngest police officer in my batch.

My sincere condolences to his family: Mother Fredricka Campbell “Ricka, Freddy and father Everton Campbell “Ever” who has imparted so many traits and life lessons that there is no space to write them.
Joel Douglas, coach, his big brother his little brother Jordan Campbell and only sister whom he always boasts about being the superstar in the family Deja Campbell, they were is everything and if they’re hurting the feeling would be the same for him. Kiki, his little daughter, was his world, pride, and joy; he loves her world without end and would give his life for her.


She is the main reason why he wanted to go back to Jamaica; he did not want her to grow up in America because of the cultural shift from decency, God, and blatant lying especially from a Blackman: Barrack Obama.
His uncles: Lambert, Timothy, and Calvin Antonio and his aunt Vendolyn Antonio and cousins…the Campbell’s clan that the father is from and their pain is overwhelming. None of us can empathize or understand what his family is going through at this time. But I do know a friend, who is a former member of the Jamaican Constabulary Force: Detective Corporal Mike Beckles who’ve loss his son under tragic circumstances and he can give some pointers to the family how to cope with their loss!

The late Rojorn Campbell was a true Jamaican patriot, and he has given his life serving his country in a capacity as a pilot and something that he loved. I know that the memories of him will forever etch in our brains and nothing can erase it. He was giant in his own right, all will truly miss him. Keep soaring the skies Rojorn and keep your eyes down on us here on the ground.