Driving down the highway one has certain responsibilities, you try as best you can to obey the speed limits, you are required to stay in lane.
If you decide to change lane, it is highly advisable that you indicate your intentions using the indicator on your vehicle, then you make sure you will not be cutting before another driver in the lane you wish to enter before you do so.

You follow the instructions and do not stop in the middle of the highway if at all possible but conversely pull over on the shoulder if you have to stop.
If all users of the roads obey the rules of the road the driving experience can be a relaxing enjoyable experience.
Nore than anything else it can be a safe experience.

If we juxtapose the forgone with a situation in which no one obeys the speed limits, they change lanes without indicating, stop in the middle of the highway drive across the double yellow or white line to get to the head of the line, effectively placing everyone’s lives in danger  and disobeys all of the rules the result is chaos.
But it’s not just about chaos, it is about the consequences of that chaos which is usually the tragedy of the loss of limb and life.


We could reasonably apply the latter to the Jamaican streets.
Or we could apply it to Jamaican life.
In each situation, the latter scenario would be appropriate and of course the consequences of indiscipline is quite obvious.

There is a type of coarseness which has characterized our Jamaicaness for a while now.
The person who yells the loudest gets heard and is universally accepted as the person who is right.
The least informed viewpoint is accepted because it is generally what the crowd wants to hear.
The man or woman walking into a place of business by default places his/her cell phone on speaker and blares out a conversation in the crassest manner to the discomfort and chagrin of others.

A dissenting voice which does not agree with a popular point of view is not respected with a view to learning from the dissenter how he arrived at his point of view, he is labeled and demagogued, reviled and ostracized.
As a consequence meeting places have become echo chambers for views that mirror each other, the result is that no one learns anything new.


How we behave individually is reflective of the homes in which we live. Each home impacts the community, each community impacts the parish or state, each parish or state reflects what kind of country we have.
Every person has a choice to make in what kind of country we have. Whether that person is a Lawyer, Dance-hall-DJ, Police Officer, Politician, Doctor Farmer or Priest.
We can choose to observe the rules of the road or we can decide to break the rules and suffer the consequences.
In my adopted home state of New York, the rules are clear “do not drink and drive” if you have to drink have a designated driver if you do not have a designated driver do not drink it’s really that simple.


Your friends do not get to submit references of your supposed good conduct to the court when you drink and drive and end up killing someone.
You knew before you decided to take that first sip of alcohol that you would be breaking the law.
Any person who in defense of his life is forced to kill another human being is fully entitled to be exonerated from the common law consequences of murder.

A person who willfully goes out and kills another human being has no expectation of mercy in the courts and the courts should not be swayed by any petition for mitigation in cases of that nature.
We cannot build a  civilized society by allowing members of that society to kill each other, then get away with a slap on the wrist.
The courts need to speak loud and clear in matters of violent murder. There are signs now that at least one judge is beginning to get that message to some extent.

I call on the legislature to codify into law stronger and stiffer penalty for felony murder.
Since the Island declared a moratorium on capital punishment homicides has hit the roof. Those who make the argument that capital punishment does not work have not supplied a shred of evidence to back up their claim.
For starters, not one person to whom capital punishment has been administered has come back to kill again.

Desmond Ballentine o/c Ninjaman

That is a 100% success rate. We know what the homicide rate was when capital punishment was in the toolbox.
We also know what it is now without it. The empirical data is clear as to the effectiveness of capital punishment as a punitive component in the fight against crime. The evidence supports those who believe that dangerous killers should be put down.
Some say it is vengeance, not justice.
I say whats wrong with vengeance?


It should not be left up to judges to determine how long a murderer spend behind bars. It is the prerogative of the people [who are now demanding stiffer penalties for killers], not unelected judges.