Recently Retired Senior Superintendent of Police Renetto Adams came out scathingly against the Jamaican police force he served for 41 years.

download (8)“The JLP under (Sir Alexander) Bustamante dealt effectively with the Coral Gardens riots of 1963; Mr (Edward) Seaga, when he was prime minister, gave up a list of 13 criminals to include the infamous ‘Dudus’ (Christopher Coke), but the commissioner at the time Col (Trevor) MacMillan failed to act upon it. Those 13 men have all either been killed or are in prison,” Adams said.Read more:–Scrap-the-police-force#ixzz2Y1HlgyTJ

Senior Superintendent Adams is a former cop who came to prominence somewhere in the mid to late 1990’s, during my time in the department I never saw him at any crime scenes, The CIB fraternity was really a tight-knit fraternity.Jamaican crime fighters, with the exception of certain units out of the Mobile Reserve and a few uniform cops  were mainly plain clothes officers.

Adams rose to infamy for several controversial killings, including the Krawle killings in which several young men lost their lives , as well as an ill-advised foray into Tivoli Gardens (or as he calls it Ti-va-li)which again ended with several people killed. One thing I learned and tried to  remember while I served was not seek fame, do the job and go home. The Jamaican public endeared themselves to certain police officers because those officers were tough, kind, gentle, dependable, honest, trustworthy, never because they are brutal. Many cops opted for the latter and found out real quickly that what emanates from that is hatred and resentment.

Former Superintendent Adams loves policing, he wants to see a crime free Jamaica like many of us do. He has made eyebrow-raising comments in the past, but his recent comments calling for the disbandment of the police force has literally shown that the decision not to consider him for the top cop job was a sound one.

I find his comments to be self serving and small-minded. Adams argues that the force is corrupt, that is true, there are far too many officers in the force who should not be, but by and large I believe this commissioner has done a good job in weeding out  bad cops from the department. A former colleague of mine appropriately asked why did Adams not call for the disbandment of the force while he was serving for a full 41 years?

Were the decision to be taken to disband the police force what would be put in it’s place in the interim? Adams argues that after disbanding the department the authorities should embark on a process of selecting qualified clean candidates to fill the positions. Might I inquire from mister Adams where would these people come from? Would they come from the same population pool, or would Jamaican authorities have to go to the planet krypton to find these Superman type cops Adams references.

I suggest that mister Adams find constructive ways to aid the rule of law as so many are doing after having left, we love Jamaica that’s the reason we decided to serve, don’t make a spectacle of yourself, if you have nothing good to say shut up.




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  1. Mike , I have had the opportunity of working with Mr. Adams and he can best be described, euphemistically, as an intellectually challenged man , a narcissist and an egotist. He uses the the media to raise his profile and have mastered the art of publicity and it has worked for him . He is a man of many words and little action most of the engagements were done by blind committed subordinates He is now the owner of a security company and a security consultant. Given his previous motives remaining visible in the public eye benefits him . There can be no other rational explanation ,coming from someone who suggest that the Force should be disbanded . I am not au fait with the context in which the statement was made , however, prima fascie , this would be an absurd statement to make given the prevailing circumstances.

  2. I totally concur,his statements are always intemperate,devoid of though, and seem to always be the first self-serving thing which comes to his mouth. Bad as that is , the real culprits are those in the media which continue to give him a platform for his rants.

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