For 12 years the US Supreme Court has changed the narrative from liberal judicial activism swinging the pendulum to far right conservative activism.

From Bush Vs Gore which took the elections away from the legitimately elected Al Gore for president in 2000, to Citizens United,  and now the show me your papers law in  Arizona this court has shown that it is willing to exact its will on the direction of the country, irrespective and contrary to the will of the majority.

However the most momentous decision is yet to come, all over the country and the world we wait as the Supreme court will reveal whether it will strike down the signature piece of legislation the president passed in his first term. The question that pundits and prognosticators debate is whether the Affordable Care Act will be left to stand, whether the individual mandate will be struck from the law, or whether it will be struck down in totality.

Again, despite the ruling of the supreme court the larger question seem to be one that I have asked many times in this forum.”How do republicans manage to convince so many people to militate and vote against their own self-interest”?

Though this president has a nuanced persona about him, it is now time for him to adopt a more strident stance against the reactionary forces on the right, amassed against him.

                             The decision:





Chief Justice Roberts            Ass. Justice Kagan                    Ass. Justice Breyer          Ass. Justice Sotomayer        Ass. Justice Ginsberg


Ass. Justice Kennedy                   Ass. Justice Scalia                     Ass. Justice Alito                        Ass. justice Thomas

In a 5-4 decision the highest court in the land has affirmed the legitimacy of the president’s signature accomplishment. Republicans are already lining up to launch a political assault against this piece of legislation which prevents Insurance companies from dropping or turning away people with pre-existing conditions, and which allows young adults without a job to stay on the insurance of their parents until they are age 26.

The republican party has made it clear that they do not care about the average middle class American, they have not shied away from  the notion of trickle-down economics. The Republican candidate for president Mitt Romney stated that he did not care about the poor, he argues that if rich people are given more opportunities to make more money it will work for the betterment of the middle and poorer class. The truth is that it hasn’t worked yet they still persist in pushing this idiocy.

The truth is when the middle class is empowered they go out and purchase homes, cars, furniture , appliance, clothes and whatever else they need. Conversely when that money is given to the very rich they do not even know they have it until their accountants tell them what their bottom-line is, and they certainly do not go out and spend it.

Mitt Romney in his assault on the decision, has his usually frothing at the mouth response, lies innuendos and misinformation.  Romney obviously feel that he can win the election on lies and misinformation. He also seemed to believe that saying “Obama-care” somehow diminishes the president. In his less than five-minute comment he used the term Obama care over and over and over again.

House number two republican Eric Cantor has  already intimated that he will schedule a  vote July 11th to overturn the Affordable Care Act. Romney lies that the affordable care act will increase taxes on the average Americans and add billions to the deficit, the truth is the non-partisan congressional budget office has said the opposite is true, yet Romney continue to use the same tired old lies and avoid doing interviews, obviously  the Romney campaign believes their candidate can continue to lie and duck his way into the White House.  It is yet to be seen if the American people will fall for that  deception.

The late liberal lion of the senate, Ted Kennedy must be smiling today, he wanted the president to take what he could get,this president has staked his presidency on helping to provide health care for the American people, he has been vindicated.

The challenge for the American people now is for them to avail themselves to the benefits for them and their children for generations to come. As republicans continue to demagogue and demonize this bill I continue to ask what is it that causes people to vote against their own self interest? Senator Kennedy railed at republicans in his life-time, he famously asked “what is it about the middle class you find so offensive, what do you find so objectionable about the poor”?

Today I echo that sentiment.