The re-emergence of Train service to some areas of Jamaica is a welcome relief to many, separate and apart from the fact that the trains fill a significant transportation need of many, it is a charming addition to the Tourism product.
This medium would like to salute the JRC for this initiative , whilst in the same breadth I challenge the Agency to make this service to the people affordable and safe.
The Jamaican people are hurting , as are most middle and low-income people around the world, this means of transportation goes a long way in alleviating some of the transportations needs of thousands of our people.
Going forward we hope that Government, irrespective of which Party forms the Government, will not only continue this service, but find ways to expand it .This will significantly stitch the country together , a move that will ease some of the urban sprawl in Kingston and Montego Bay.
We hope that the pettiness and tit-for- tat that has characterized Jamaica’s Political identity will not be allowed to cause this new innovation to die again.
I implore the powers that be, to designate Fern Gully a National Park ,and a National attraction, this should mean diverting vehicular traffic to an alternate route as soon as possible.
According to Scientists ,some of the varieties of Fern found there are found nowhere else in the world , this information by itself ought to inspire us as a Nation to want to preserve this National treasure.
However due to exhaust fumes from vehicles traversing through the Gully,certain species are disappearing , never to be seen again.
This Information ought to motivate us to want to arrest this destruction and hurriedly seek to establish order and sanity in preserving our National treasures for the next generation.