Though not the only reason, the large number of Jamaican Nationals being deported back to the Country has posed a stubborn problem for law enforcement and the overall growth of the country. Not all persons deported are criminals , neither are all people deported engaging in criminal behavior. The size of Jamaica’s economy does however make it more difficult for the country to absorb its residents in a meaningful way. There are however those who are hard-core criminals who are posing serious challenges to the country’s already challenged security apparatus. Some of these criminals are sophisticated organized crime operatives, well versed in first world technologies.

This makes the job of the already suspect, ill-equipped, law enforcement agencies even more challenging. First World Law enforcement Agencies are well aware of the sophistication and determination of Jamaican criminals. The deportation numbers does speak to that fact to some degree! Many of the criminal elements returning to the country have set up elaborate criminal empires, their activities include,though not confined to, extortion, gun-running, drug-dealing, murder-for-hire, Lottery-scams, Insurance-frauds and a phalanx of other serious crimes. Many of these crimes are not new to Jamaica, and neither are the purveyors. With these new operatives returning to the country bloody turf-wars ensue with massive blood-letting between factions competing for turf and influence.

Here in the United States as well as Canada and Great Britain Law Enforcement Agencies are given free-rein to bring criminals to justice. Jamaican Criminals have felt the brunt of laws specifically designed toward their demise. Laws like the Rockefella drug laws and the Rico Statue have decimated their operations, filling prisons and ensuring thousands of deportations. The reverse is true in Jamaica, rather than beef up the abilities of the police by .

1)Removing criminal elements from within the ranks of the police. 2)Improve training. 3) Improving the Investigative arm. 4) Toughen and broaden criminal penalties. 5)Improve the office of Director of Prosecution (DPP). 6) Removing liberal criminal-loving judges from the bench. &) Replacing them with no nonsense judges. 7) Enact  strong anti-gang legislation, making it bad business to engage in criminal activity or to be asscociated with a gang.

Instead of embarking on the aforementioned, the Government embarked on a program of dismantling the police force by destroying the morale of it’s officers. This they did by. 1) Removing and marganalizing strong decisive street cops from the department. 2) Create an Agency designed to make criminals of cops executing their duties. 3) Establish policies from the talking points of special interest criminal rights lobby JFJ. 4)Empower the criminal underworld by default.


Justice Minister Mark Golding

Justice Minister Welcomes INDECOM Court Ruling:http://jamaica-gleaner.com/latest/article.php?id=49229 Speaking at a public forum hosted by human rights lobby group Jamaicans for Justice yesterday, Senator Golding emphasised that the powers possessed by officers of INDECOM to arrest, charge and prosecute do not undermine the constitutional authority of the Director of Public Prosecutions.  Golding was reacting to the Court’s decision against 8 Police oficers who challenged the Authority of INDECOM”s power to request statements from members of the force. It is instructive that the Justice Minister’s response was delivered at a forum hosted by Jamaicans For Justice the nation’s foremost anti-police aggitator. and supporter of those who have committed criminal activities and arrested by police.

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Head of Criminal Rights lobby (JFJ)Carolyn Gomes

Gomes has waged a systematic scorched earth assault against Jamaican police officers who take decisive actions against Jamaican criminals , every year many officers lose their lives in the line of duty scores more are gunned down in their homes, while they socialize and in various other situations. Police record hundreds of incidents each year where criminals have traded gunfire with their patrols. In many instances officers are shot and injuried. Unfortunately,many also make the ultimate sacrafice. It is an affront that Carolyn Gomes is allowed to source large sums of money overseas in her scorched earth camapign against Jamaican law enforcement and law abiding Jamaicans. Her crusade has provided cover, aid and comfort to some of the world’s most barbaric degenerates,she subsequently need not concern herself with her own safety , it is literally guranteed.

I have kept this issue front and center in this medium, not because I believe in the Jamaican Police. Not because I believe there are no criminal cops who kill people unduly. I do so because I believe in the indenspebility of the rule of law, if our country is to avoid becoming a failed state. Gomes has skillfully stoked the divide between the police and the public, with the help of foreign handlers, some of whom are important parts of INDECOM. Just a few days ago she gallingly called for the resignation of the Commissioner of police. This Commissioner has done more to further the agenda of the criminal rights lobby than any of his counterparts. Her call was such an affront that well know Defense Attorney Queens Council Howard Hamilton, with whom I have had my share of disagreements, blasted Gomes stating>The recent calling for the head of the commissioner of police by Dr Carolyn Gomes of Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ) is most unfair and unjustified.

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 Howard Hamilton QC.

Hamilton went on to say quote: She inherently submits that the murder rate for 2013 would be a cause of concern for even a First-World country, much less for little Jamaica, but she offers no suggestion as to what the commissioner should have done, or be doing, to stem this haemorrhage, short of stopping them before they occurred.The real question Dr Gomes should have asked of the commissioner is “Do you have the modern machinery and manpower? Are your patrol cars equipped with computers that can give information of every licensed vehicle on the road within seconds? Have you got the firepower that can match what he knows to be on the streets? Does he have under his command the necessary manpower that he needs to really police this island?”    http://jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20131127/cleisure/cleisure2.html.

Jamaicans are finally opening their eyes to what Carolyn Gomes and her foreign handlers represent to Jamaica. I have had my share of arguments with Hamilton regarding the rule of law, it is good to see that on this issue, he has gotten it right. What is needed is more people standing with those of us who are saying “NO”, we recognize that the police are far from perfect, we recognize that INDECOM is a good idea, just not as constituted and empowered. We will stand with our police and send a strong signal to criminals and those who give them aid and comfort, that we are the ones who suffer and we will have no more of it. Jamaica’s image has taken significant beatings with tremendous consequences for all her citizens. If we are to begin to reverse these consequences we must begin by standing with the rule of law.


2 thoughts on “All Talk, No Solutions From JFJ

  1. I have often said it is not the police that kills and maim people but the little boys who we grow at home as criminals and unleash them in every organization so has to undermine these organizations. At the constabulary training institutions we were not trained as criminals but how to apprehend criminals and prevent criminal activities. carolyn gomes and her affiliates are the cornerstone behind criminal activities and should be properly investigated and charged for aiding and abetting criminal elements in this country. Where did she get her powers from? calling for resignations as she sees fit, joining with anyone or organization that is against the police, then is only a fool would not see that her war against the police force is personal, she should be stopped. Corruption is in every organization in Jamaica because of the kids we grow and our lives as their parent and friends and these kids are the adults of tomorrow who joins organizations. Do we expects them to automatically reverse what they had learnt all their 18 years of life out there now that they become police men and women. when are parents going to hold themselves responsible for their children’s behavior rather than blaming the organizations, when are parents going to change their behavior to suit the kind of society they dream of living in but in all instances parents are allowed to give up their responsibilities to the state. The Dons should take care of their children, Teachers should teach their children every thing, children’s home should assist where the other institutions have failed. But if anything should happen where a suing matter can arise then all the parenting skills is immediately alive and expensive lawyers are sought for we now see a means of survival. Change our ways and grow good children and our problems will be minimized. Get rid of the hustling ability, more schoolers are involved in lotto scamming than even adults, are their parents blind? what is gomes doing about that, the money she gets should be used to prevent them going into criminal gangs and carrying out criminal activities, she is benefitting in some way from the proceeds of crime and her name should be written in common and not capital letters.

  2. The difference with Jamaica and the first World countries, is the criminals in Jamaica get government contracts and have exclusive access to the ministers of government; American politicians passed laws to send criminals to prison, they have no access to the politicians; they are treated with disdain and as if they are contagious. Criminals in America can’t vote.

    You would never see a politician in America going to a luncheon with a anti-police organization, much less share space with them. That would be the end of the politician career.

    Majority, of the Jamaica people are sympathetic to the criminals, and always blame poverty for the criminal activities. Majority, of Americans are “anti-criminals” and they worship and love the police.

    When a police officer is killed in America, the community mourn. In Jamaica the people of the community rejoice.

    If you are following the news out of the Caribbean, the other Islands don’t want Jamaicans in their countries. Once the immigration official realize that the person IQ is limited, they send them back to Jamaica.

    This week a government Minister from Barbados said “they do not want Barbados to be like Jamaica.” It was harsh but it is the truth.

    Honestly, I don’t go around them here period. There is nothing good being said about our people, they are in discipline, obnoxious, illiterate a d belligerent in their demeanor.

    The reason why the governments of various countries deporting them ,it is the same cultural relativism they brought with them and think there is a Dr. Carolyn Gomes to prevent the respective government to deport them.

    The only vision I am seeing for Jamaica, is it is going to be the Somalia of the Caribbean. Jamaica is a great criminal’s paradise.

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