We were made aware that  Karima Hudson, the woman at the forefront of the alleged shipment of weapons and ammunition discovered In Miami destined for Jamaica turned herself in to police roughly a week ago.

She was reportedly taken into custody on Monday by detectives from the Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigation Branch (C-TOC).
She was detained on suspicion of conspiracy to import firearms onto the island.
Her Attorney Oswett Smith told the Media that he suspects they are unable to make out a case against his client and that it was probably for that reason that so far she has not been charged with a crime.

It’s kinda funny how there are always high profile Lawyers, immediately a regular guy on the street is likely to be charged with a serious crime!
Wonder where the money comes from to pay these guys?


I was reliably informed that the Police have just finally gotten around to searching her home. What if anything they found is still a mystery thus far.
In fairness to the police, [incredibly hard to support the police with their ineptitude these days] I  am unaware of what impediments may have hampered their ability to secure a warrant to search her home before?
I do know that it takes time to interview witnesses and that based on what they say, police may determine that it makes good sense to search a suspect’s home.

When a person of interest decides to turn him/herself in, its also logical to assume that he or she may destroy materials they believe may have evidentiary value or may implicate them.
Notwithstanding, to detectives, this is never a deterrent, trained officers know what to look for, they generally find materials of evidentiary value useful for filling out the puzzle.
With that said, it boggles the mind that the JCF with all of the emphasis placed on bringing in educated people into the department still cannot conduct and complete investigations in a way which would make law-abiding Jamaicans proud.

Let me be clear, I do not believe this woman is guilty as a principal in this case.
I have no evidence outside that which has been reported on in this case. Nevertheless, I believe wholeheartedly that to the extent that Karima Hudson, is somehow criminally connected to this case her involvement is peripheral.

The idea that a woman who worked in a council office has the kind of money, connections, and gravitas to attempt a criminal act of this magnitude is an assault on our intelligence.
What is obvious is that in the same way that somehow the real importers of the arms shipment was somehow tipped off and subsequently did not attempt to collect the shipment, I believe the Investigators in the JCF looking at this matter are looking no further than this poor woman.
I believe if this Investigation is approached with professionalism and fortitude the revelations on its conclusion would be earth-shattering.

Now, granted that it would be ludicrous to believe that the aborted shipment was the only such shipment attempted, the logical conclusion is that several such shipments have already slipped through undetected.
With 316 homicides in the Parish of St, James alone thus far this year and hundreds and hundreds of high powered weapons, grenades and other war paraphernalia recovered by the police this case can be a bombshell.

This case if investigated properly could blow the lid off much of what has been happening particularly in the western parishes of the Island.
Alas, if precedent is any indicator we will end up with no charges filed against Karima Hudson, no pressure applied with a promise of a carrot with a view to flipping her in the event she has some minor role in all of this.

Let us be clear-eyed about this, there is a big fish somewhere in Jamaica to whose stewardship this consignment was intended. He or she need not worry about ever being investigated and busted for his/her part in flooding the Island with guns resulting this year in well over 1500 dead Jamaicans.
I have no confidence that despite the hifuleten acronyms C-TOC or whatever that this investigation will yield a damn thing.
No belief that Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime (C-TOC) is anything but another fancy titled bunch of jokers and posers.

Maybe just maybe they will cause me to shut up but I have little fear of that.