America’s Continued Shame:

 There is a common thread that  runs throughout all players in the Republican party which has at its core a concerted attempt to pretend that President Barack Obama is not  president of the United States. Republicans have long attempted to sow scorn and disdain on the intelligent left, in an  attempt to paint them as Elitists, out of touch and far removed  from the American reality, “other”. 

They have sought to develop a narrative that is “aw shucks” arguing  that a president should be a laid back person in the mold of say Ronald Reagan or George Bush the 43rd president. They sell the merits of a president who one would want to have a beer with. They have been successful in demonizing and labeling  Democratic candidates like John Kerry, and Michael Dukakis as Massachuset liberals, making the word liberal  a nasty stain and a negative caricature. Of course two of the architects of that demagoguery  Newt Gingrich and  Bush’s brain, Karl Rove, are still a part of the political landscape. Gingrich is  involved in a faltering political campaign against chief nemesis Mitt Romney,while Rove heads up a powerful super pac that collects tens of millions of dollars from wealthy donors like the Koch brothers and casino mogul Sheldon Alderson to fund right-wing candidates in their quest to destroy Obama. Incredibly Gingrich is now whining shamefully, his complaints?  Negative campaign  ads from Mitt Romney’s campaign and super pac. Spit in the sky it falls in your face.

The narrative somehow  places conventional wisdom on its head, it convinces large parts of the country particularly the southern states  that educated people are somehow un-American. By this reasoning they have managed to convince large swaths of the population that people who play by the rules, gets an education, raise  a family, and live a decent drama-free life, are somehow not American. Throw a black guy in there with a Muslim sounding name and the aforementioned attributes and this guy must be from Mars.

These are the same intellectually challenged folks who argue that (Global warming is a hoax), This is the (drill baby drill) crowd which argues for unrestrained drilling for oil and natural gas without a single thought for the environment. Anyone who dare mention the need for clean drinking water, clean air, and the need to protect the eco system is castigated as the enemy and an example of what is wrong with America.

There are those who pretend that what we are seeing happening in this country is just the common nastiness of American politics playing out. They are quick to point out that president Bush was treated rather badly by the left.


I just refered to the former leader of the free world as “president Bush”.  When was the last time a republican refered to our president as president Obama?  The lunatic fringe of the republican party has convinced some of the most intellectually challenged among their base that this president is not really the  president.

As we have seen from the  moronic failed attempts of the birther movement led by egomaniac Donald Trump and others, to that woman in Florida who told  Rick Santorum she does not refer to the Obama as president Obama, because he is not really the president. She went on to tell him she wonders why someone doesn’t get him (reffering to the president) out of there.  To which  the equally moronic Santorum responded “I am trying to get him out of there myself”.

The mindset of the lunatic right imagines,  if they are able to convince their equally lunatic supporters that Barack Obama is not the president of the United States, somehow he will not be seen to be. Their strategy is tantamount to removing the number 44 from the Hindu-Arabic numeral system and hope we will not notice we missed a number.

Throughout history only 44 men has been so honored to be called president of the United States, many has sought that office, many have failed , to date we have only had 44 men attain that lofty position, 43 white men, 1 black man. That historical fact will never be eliminated from the annals of history.

That there are people in this country who possess  such blatant mental retardation to somehow want to suppress the fact that a black man has attained what they said we couldn’t do is testament to our fortitude.  After 300 years of slavery, lynching, rape, , jim crow ,and everything that they could throw at us, the indomitable spirt of our people has shone through all the adversity to accomplish what some can only dream about.


Sarah Palin                                                                                                                            Newt Gingrich

The disrespect that has been shown to this president has been astounding, and has been nothing like we have seen before. MSNBC Martin Bashir commented that republicans never fail to refer to Sarah Palin as Governor , even though she was unable to complete a single term as governor of Alaska, they  also never fail to refer to Gingrich as Speaker, even though he was ran out of congress on ethics violation charges. Yet they are adamant in calling the president Barack Obama, a man who won by a large plurality of the votes and the electoral college to become the 44th president of the United States.

This nastiness is nothing new, we saw elements of it in the race between Hillary Clinton and Obama in the primaries , we saw the signs , we saw the despicable racial caricatures, we heard the neanderthal remarks, and they were coming from Democrats.

The more it seemed Barack Obama was going to be the nominee the nastier the attacks became. Thanks to the intervention of Senator Dianne Feinstein of California after Obama secured the nomination it appeared that the hatchet was buried between Clinton and Obama. I am still not convinced that either Hillary or Bill Clinton voted for Obama.

What we saw happen between Clinton and Obama was indeed small potatoes when Sarah Palin was injected into the conversation. She came with a brand of nastiness that we have seen metastasized  into what is now a despicable scorched earth brand of politics, that seem hell-bent on total destruction of the opponent and win at all cost.  I personally thought that the inflammatory nature of the vitriol surprised even the man at the top of the then republican ticket, John McCain.
Sarah Palin it appeared, did not receive the memo that black people were emancipated, her entire demeanor and tone suggested she felt this black man belonged on the plantation, many argue it was her intellect or lack thereof which was at play here. Having seen and heard her during the campaign influenced me to lean toward the latter argument.

Most Americans who love their country and respect her institutions  including the presidency, find it offensive the way this president is characterized and treated in general. If you ask the president he will most likely parse and brush it aside as insignificant, that is what is to be expected from him he is not expected to speak about it, Obama, in order to be elected president of his own country had to pretend he was not a black man, in essence he had to pretend for the consumption and benefit of the illiterate to be water, colourless!!

Neither Jessie Jackson nor Al Sharpton adopted this posture , there is no evidence that either gentlemen were even capable or desirous of adopting that posture, and as such we will never talk about presidents Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton. This fact is not necessarily an indictment on Mister Obama , he sought to use a different path-way to get to where he wanted to get to, we may argue with the path taken but I seriously doubt that anyone would argue with the results.

I think where mister Obama may have been a little naive’, to borrow a term from his former democratic opponent Hillary Clinton, is where I presume he felt that after winning the presidency America would have been transformed into a post racial society. This naiveté’ may have emanated from Mister Obama’s ethnicity, being the offspring of a white mother and a black father. The president is all to willing to point to his white family members, republicans are equally as quick to say we don’t care. President Obama being from Hawaii probably never heard about the one drop of black blood rule which has long been part of jim crow laws and institutionalized racism in America.

The unfortunate truth about mister Obama’s post racial society is that for the most part, it is a figment of his imagination. As Dr Martin Luther King Jr. envisioned a country where little black kids and little white kids played together over 40 years ago, we have seen the kids playing  together but the racial hatred persists. We have to face the sad truths that we cannot legislate morality, we cannot legislate humanity, we cannot legislate respect, we cannot legislate Godliness. As the world witnessed those black students walk through a gauntlet  of hateful , jeering people in little Rock Arkansas, despite the presence of federal troops, we must come to grips with the realities that neither federal troops nor federal legislation will change the reprobate minds of those whom are predisposed to hate.

                                                     ap obama jan brewer nt 120126 wblog Exclusive   Obama Says Encounter With Arizona Gov. Blown Out of Proportion

                                                                                         THIS WAS BOUND TO HAPPEN


No other president and his wife has been more circumspect and dignified in the way they have comported themselves whilst in the White House, than Barack and Michelle Obama. In fairness, President George Bush and his wife Laura were wonderful ambassadors in that regard. I personally liked president Bush and his wife Laura, even though I disagreed with most if not all of mister Bush’s policies, Laura Bush was a smiling level-headed human being of impeccable character. Thank you Laura Bush for standing up for Michelle Obama when the wolves were out to devour her.

There is a definite strategy to this disrespectful demonizing of president Obama, not only is it geared toward an attempted de-ligitimization of this president but there is a more sinister message inherent in the strategy. One has to ask what prompted that man to open fire at the White House with an AK47 rifle recently? What is the reason for the rise in hate groups, including neo-nazis, skinheads, and anti-government militias  in the United States as reported by the FBI.

Let me be clear, the palpable disrespect is not only confined to president Obama, it may have been amplified under his administration but it sure isn’t confined to him . There are a long line of self hating  Uncle Tom  Negroes who seem all of a sudden to have crawled out of the wood-work to speak negative disparaging things about the president, I don’t have to name them they know themselves. These uncle toms were silent during the Bush years, too scared to open their mouths about anything for fear they would be sent to Gitmo.  Now they are out in full force criticizing this president. None is more painful to listen to than Florida congressman Allen West.

Here’s what he had to say recently  over the weekend.

  “We need to let President Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and my dear friend the chairman of the Democrat National Committee, we need to let them know that Florida ain’t on the table.” He added, “Take your message of equality of achievement, take your message of economic dependency, take your message of enslaving the entrepreneurial will and spirit of the American people somewhere else. You can take it to Europe, you can take it to the bottom of the sea, you can take it to the North Pole, but get the hell out of the United States of America.”est said at a Lincoln Day Dinner for the Palm Beach County GOP,

Allen West.Florida congressman:

Then on Tuesday January 31st. Allen West attempted to walk back his Uncle Tom moment of idiocy, telling Soledad Obrien of CNN that what he was pointing to, was that he was somehow in awe of a nation that allowed a poor boy from Atlanta Georgia to reach the heights he has reached.

 Clearly Congressman Allen West is incapable of containing his glee of becoming a Colonel in the United States Army and now a US congressman, so he kicks the ladder away that he climbed to the top on, so no one else could climb up as he has.

I wonder what congressman Allen West would have done if he was born to a white mother and a black father who was a student from a different continent, then his parents divorced  and he was made to move to live in another country on another continent , with  his mom and a new husband , then brought back to live with his grand parents, struggling to define who he was, but ultimately attending Occidental college in California, Columbia University, and Harvard Law school and be the Editor of the Harvard law Review. Then spend time working to improve the lives of others in community organizations, then becoming a State Senator, then a US Senator, and finally becoming the president of the United States of America . And did I mention receiving a Nobel Peace Prize? All accomplished in under 50 years.

If Allen West a congressman, is willing to banish the most powerful man on the planet, the most powerful man in the United States Senate  the most powerful woman in the US House of Representative, an  established congresswoman and DCC chair from America, what would he do to us ordinary nobodys had  he accomplished what Barack Obama has accomplished?

During slavery slave owners used divisive tactics to keep slaves in check, some were told they were different than others, usually those who worked in the big house were made to believe they had some kind of leg up over those in the fields. This strategy worked in ensuring that a free flow of information was forthcoming to “Massa” in the big house . That tactic helped to keep slavery in place for over 300 years.

Today we see that divide and conquer still works with many who share the same skin color with us, if nothing else. This is evident in black folks whom are more than happy to disrespect his own brother in order to please his masters. The  more things change the more they remain the same. It’s in every aspect of black America, Allen west is  so overjoyed that white Floridians voted him into office he cannot contain his glee, in his hurry to shuck , jive and please massa, he disrespect others and kicks the ladder away, not willing to allow another poor person climb up .