Amnesty International And It’s Surrogates Are Enemies Of Jamaica.

Two interesting developments are playing out in our country as we speak.Today as many of us spend time on Facebook talking about nothing that matters, we could actually read something which has meaning and resonance. Many of us who reside abroad claim to love Jamaica , of course the extent of our love is confined to a two-week visit during which we visit those who are still domiciled there. This gives some of us a feeling of accomplishment, we run around checking on old friends and class-mates , family members and just when the moment rubs off for them we are back on an airplane headed back to foreign *.

 )The competing story is amnesty International; Demand that the Government of the day commission a panel to investigate what occurred in Tivoli gardens 2 years

I will not comment too in-depth, except to say that If the confessions of people in the know , including those testifying in court today are to be believed Christopher (Dudus) Coke is an evil despicable criminal. As result people were killed at his hands, if we believe them, people were killed on his orders, and people were killed trying to return Tivoli to the Jamaican state. In a country which respected the rule of the law , this guy would have been arrested , tried , and sentenced for all of those deaths.

Actions have consequence, Jamaicans will have to acquaint themselves to those realities and start to understand that supporting criminals is a bad idea, and a regressive posture to take if they want to move to developed world status.

On the day when the most infamous and powerful confessed criminal is before the courts pleading for clemency, amnesty international, a British based group has seen fit to divert people’s attention away from the real problem of crime and how it affects the lives of our people. Attempting instead to play up the actions our country’s security forces took to annex Tivoli gardens to the rest of Jamaica.

Once again groups which purport to represent the interest of the poor and dispossessed within society, have shown that they care nothing about the most fundamental right given to all humans , the right to life.

The people of Tivoli Gardens have been freed from the shackles of tyranny and oppression. They have the option now of educating their children if they chose to, without hand-outs from anyone. Many people were not allowed those rights  under the rule of the Cokes and others before them.

I call upon Amnesty International and its local proxy Jamaicans for justice to cease and desist from attempting to destabilize our country.

We are not illiterate people we are able to think on our own and for ourselves.What our nation does not need at this moment as it approaches 50 years from the shackles of British colonial power is for elements of that same power to dictate to us how we should handle our affairs.

We are a sovereign nation , we hope that you respect our sovereignty.

The Hannah Town Police Station burns as Urban Terrorists run amok 2 years ago burning police stations and killing police officers.

Do us a favor criminal-rights AMNESTY, go home.  I don’t see any police stations burning in Britain.

  These are the indelible images seared into the minds of Jamaicans, particularly those living in countries where the rule of law is respected.