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Looming shut-down of the American Federal Government. Where else in the world would a minority of the minority party be able to shut down the operations of the Government? Anyway you don’t need to answer that.

My last Article asked just how much wealth is enough. Well clearly the people behind the Tea-Party movement have decided that it can never be enough. Tea Party Republican House members supported by  Jim Demint’s Heritage Foundation and Dick Armey’s Freedom Works and a plethora of Right-wing groups have decided to do serious  damage to the still struggling American economy, and by extension the World’s economy.

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Mark Meadows.

Newly gerrymandered Congressional districts makes this kind of hostage politics possible.  Mark Meadows, is a newly elected congressional representative and one of the most strident Tea-Party plants in the US House of Representatives. Meadows represents the 11 th District in the western part of North Carolina.

Most of the far right ideological zealots in the US House of Representatives are white men. Many of them are from the South. These guys are all about States rights, why you ask ? At the state level they are able to manipulate and mistreat racial minorities. They never liked the Federal Government which came out of the Civil war. Jefferson Davis the Confederate leader is hailed by them despite his traitorous war against his own country.

These people who make up the Tea-Party and those who back them do not want a Federal Government which functions effectively, they are there to ensure it does exactly the opposite. In all of this there is none more pathetic than the Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner. Boehner is not from the South, he is from humble beginnings. John Boehner could end this nonsense if he was a man. Boehner could end this utterly counter-productive exercise by going over to the Leader of the Minority in the House Nancy Pelosi and strike a deal. Those Republicans who want to disrupt the economy could vote no. There would be enough Democratic votes to pass a clean Bill which funds the Government  without none of the nonsense to defund the affordable Care Act.

This exercise  is about taking down Obama and his signature domestic accomplishment. No matter how many times House Republicans send this spending Bill back to the Senate with language to defund the Affordable Care act it cannot become law. There simply isn’t 67 votes in the Senate to allow passage. Even if it did the President of the United States would veto it. It is therefore about disrupting the economy, irrespective of the damage they cause, so they may win the Senate in 2014. A Florida Congress man acknowledged this recently.