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This we are told is Rohan Masters o/c Slabba Dog, a known criminal gangster from Fletchers Land who is reportedly the right-hand man of Incarcerated Gangster Joel Andem. Killed in the Swallowfield area of Kingston today.


Alleged Joel Andem gang member Rohan Masters O/C Slabba Dog killed.

We are told, though we haven’t been able to confirm this reporting that he is a known hitman who ordered killings even while in Jail.
Unfortunately, some of the reporting indicates that some of his illicit activities were made possible by corrupt cops who worked at the jail cells.


It is important that we bring these pictures and make these links to audiences both in Jamaica and across the Globe as we begin the process of showcasing to the world how the killings are destroying our beautiful country as the Government cowers in fear as transnational criminals kill and commit all kinds of crimes and largely walk away without consequence.

As the killings continue and the Jamaican Government blames the Police and destroy the morale of the officers on the streets it is important that these images get out to you our readers.
We will continue to write these stories and show these graphic images until the Jamaican Government lines up behind the men and women of the Jamaica Constabulary force and allow them to do their work,

In the meantime, we urge that the efforts to remove dirty cops from the department be intensified.
This publication also once again call for the repeal of the INDECOM Act and the passage of a better law and the appointment of a commissioner to head that agency that all Jamaicans can be proud of.