If the rumblings in the Jamaican press is true that Major General Anderson the nation’s first national security adviser is being tapped to be the next Commissioner of Police then I would suggest that members of the police force with any brain in their heads lay down arms and walk away.

Anderson and Holness

It would be the icing on the cake that this administration has zero respect for the men and women of the JCF, does not care about their many years of service and the fact that many are supremely and imminently academically qualified.
In fact, there are serving members of the JCF who are supremely more qualified than the Nation’s Prime Minister, Andrew Holness.

We have not verified that this story is correct so we will withhold further comment at this time.

One thought on “Anderson Or Not?

  1. The force now as it is doesn’t inspire hope nor confidence enough to have the vast majority of people to confidently entrust their safety in their hand and such skeptism is not without a solid evidence based reason, the barefaced squaddy

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